Crónica de Dan Harlott sobre o XXL da Mega. O surfkayak para os mais "volumosos".

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I took the Scarab out for the first time last weekend in 5ft and again this week in 3ft at Joss Bay. The first thing that I noticed about the Scarab was the primary stability of the boat on the paddle out. Compared to my Neutron, the boat is more stable and the additional 1" height and volume around the knees really makes it easy to hop over the mush. The additional volume immediately in front and behind the seat makes this boat easier to roll than the Neutron if you are 200lb plus - with a paddler at 210lbs plus the Neutron is lively and sits quite low in the water.

The Scarab really rips on the wave and feels very similar to the Neutron, despite the additional 1.5" width. Bottom turns are very tight and the boat actually feels looser than the Neutron - this is due to the wider fin box arrangement - setting the fins forward really makes this a radical boat. Don't be put off by the extra width, this boat is blindingly fast and rail to rail transition is as quick as the Neutron for the larger paddler! I first tried the boat with moulded plastic fins; a fast 6ft drop down the face made the fins hummm! This was put right by swapping to Mega custom composite fins that are stiffer; this also made for sharper bottom turns, you really can throw your whole body into the turn and crank the boat over and the slightly higher knee position allows you to change your centre of gravity when carving quickly. The Scarab has neutral secondary stability when throwing it over, which makes it very predictable allowing you to focus on what you are doing and what you want to do next.

The stability of this boat does inspire more confidence and hitting the lip and cutting back to the pocket soon becomes instinctive. The Neutron is a great boat, but if you are a chunky 200lbs plus and want a performance kayak you should try the Scarab.

Dan Harlott
South Coast

(Appologies for the quality of the photo's, they were taken by my Wife - say no more!!!)

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