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Dan Green / Grandes ondas algures no nordeste da Inglaterra

Foi no mês passado algures no Nordeste da Inglaterra. Na água, Dan e Tamsin Green e umas ondaças num spot algo assustador do tipo "reef break". Em baixo o relato do próprio Dan quando nos enviou as fotos. Daqui a dias, publicamos a segunda parte com as fotos de Tamsin Green.

What a great session had Tamsin and Dan last month somehwere in the north east coast of England! Take a look to these photos with Dan and, in a few days, the second part with Tamsin. Read the report that Dan sent us and enjoy the photos ;)

by Dan Green

Still on a high from what was such an awesome session with just me Tamsin and 4 others out on a huge swell. The surf was at a secret spot on the North east coast of England which was sheltered from an unusually big northerly swell for the summer. The spot only usually works in deepest winter when the water temp is about 5 degrees so it was nice to get it when the water felt warm. It is a reef break wich turns into a point then ends on the which makes it quite strange. The take off is sketchy accross rocks which a few of the boardies hit on wipeouts so timing was critical and you had to get off before the end so as not to get wiped out in the shore dump. I didnt on a couple of times and was coughing up bits of grit from the beach on the paddle out more than once.

I love the way some of the pictures really capture the power of the ocean with big volumes of water everywhere.
aloha Dan

June Walker

Tamsin and Dan Green
Thanks Dan! Lots of fun!


Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu

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