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Kayaksurf Italiano / Surf Report do Encontro do passado domingo

Decorreu no domingo passado em Castagneto Carducci (80 km para sul da turística cidade de Pisa na costa oeste italiana), o primeiro encontro de kayaksur organizado pelo Team Donoratico. O evento contou com o apoio da Gravita Zero - que teve no local uma pequena exposição de material - e do kayaksurf.net. Fotos e report de Socci Francesco!

It run last sunday in Castagneto Carducci (80 km south from the turistical city of Pisa, Italian west side coast), the first kayaksurf meeting organized by Team Donoratico. Gravita Zero supported the event and kayaksurf.net was media partner. After the the party, time for the surf report by Socci Francesco. Congratulations for all!


KayakSurf Donoratico - 1ª Manifestazione Kayak Donoratico
by Socci Francesco

The Manifestation was in Marina di Castagneto Carducci(Donoratico),from the morning we have found a perfect condition, whit good but small waves,which gave the possibility to try also at many people the have started this summer. I found many people of different age interessed at this "new" sport here. At people that have try i've given a t-shirt and stickers of Kayaksurf.net.

Partecipated at the dimostration Gravità Zero e RRD (Roberto Ricci Designs) whit kayak, Kayaksurf and SUP. The beach was really crowded and i've received complimentes from the commune, who expressed interest and desire for the second Manifestation of summer 2011.

Good wave,and see you in Ocean Spirit!!!!

Socci Francesco



Socci Francesco

Grazie Socci!

Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu

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