French National Waveski Circuit / Anglet 2011 by Fred Jonneaux

Circuito Francês de Waveski / Prova de Anglet by Fred Jonneaux

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Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, envia-nos o "full" report (vídeo, fotos e resultados) da mais recente prova de waveski do circuito francês. Decorreu em Anglet no passado fim de semana e contou com a participação de nomes bem conhecidos. Para além de Mathieu Babarit, Caroline Angibaud ou Mathieu Jonneaux, também Edu Etxebrerria participou no evento. Chegou ao terceiro round do Open mas, como não pôde participar nas finais de segunda feira (feriado em França mas não no País Basco), Edu teve que regressar a casa. Fica o report!

It took place in Anglet (extreme SW of France) last week-end, for the last competition of French National Waveski circuit before the World titles. In France, June is an exams month, so very few Juniors and Cadets were registered. In Open, 21 entries. Anglet is very close from Basque Country, so Edu Etxeberria was invited to the competition, he came with two Juniors from his club. Edu reached the 3rd round in Open, but unfortunatly, the basque riders couldn't stay until monday (this monday is holiday in France). Take a look to the report of Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net ;)


French National Waveski Circuit / Anglet 2011
by Fred Jonneaux

Manu Gendron, who is a great waveski rider, was the main organizer of the competition. On Saturday, waves were very small, but a few heats could be run in the morning. Then there was a break until tide comes lower, and another set of heats could be run from 4:00 p.m until... almost the night. On Saturday evening all riders had some good time around a meal in a small restaurant close to the spot.

Sunday morning : absolutly no waves...! Riders waited all day long, but there was not even a set of waves breaking on the shore. Manu Gendron was very calm, promising waves for the next day. On Monday morning we arrived at 7:00 a.m : wave sets were breaking on the spot. Competition went on : Open heats first, with man on man competition for the semi final and final. On the Open final, Mathieu Babarit made the big show, giving a waveski lesson : his first wave got 9 points, and he scored an amazing second wave that got 10 points ! MatBab, you are the boss !

Ladies final showed a real domination of Caroline Angibaud (World Champion) before Coralie Jousset (France Champion). She managed to surf the most powerful waves of the heat, with several radical manoeuvres that couldn't let any doubt about her victory.
Then came the Cadets final ; few waves, big shore break, Nathan Le Bars managed to surf two long waves with several manoeuvres, and won the heat.

In Junior final, Mathieu Jonneaux, kicked out during the second Open round, really wanted to make the show in the Junior final. He caught the two best waves and showed some powerful and radical surf, wining the final without any doubt.
Renan Leloutre, who lost the open final against Mathieu Babarit, won in Senior before Paul Jouet (Europe Champion).

On Masters final, Jean-François Sire, who is the shaper of Omback boards (a new brand of waveskis), got the victory.

Very good week-end, very difficult for nerves because of capricious waves, but good atmosphere on the spot, and a real waveski lesson by Mathieu Babarit. Many thanks to all voluntiers who did their best for the event organization.
See you all at next competition.... in Portugal !


Open :
1 : Mathieu Babarit
2 : Renan Leloutre
3 : Paul Jouet
4 : Louis Darnaud

Ladies :
1 : Caroline Angibaud
2 : Coralie Jousset
3 : Margot Blanchard
4 : Emilie Jonneaux

Cadets :
1 : Nathan Le Bars
2 : Maxime Gaborit
3 : Ludovic Sterlin
4 : Margot Blanchard

Juniors :
1 : Mathieu Jonneaux
2 : Louis Darnaud
3 : Charles Fortin
4 : Maxime Simonneau

Seniors :
1 : Renan Leloutre
2 : Fares
3 : Paul Jouet
4 : Loďc Behin

Masters :
1 : Jean-François Sire
2 : Thierry Mouraud
3 : Jean-Michel Bibes
4 : Manu Gendron


Mérci Fred!


Boas ondas,
luis pedro abreu

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