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Cutbacks / Novo artigo online no surfkayaksills

Glyn Brackenbury, o homem do leme do surfkayaskills - kayaksurf.net PARTNER - publicou mais um artigo técnico sobre manobras. Desta vez, cutbacks! Link mais em baixo.

Glyn Brackenbury, the front man of the great surfkayakskills - kayaksurf.net PARTNER -, published one more article. This time, about cutbacks!
"Particularly on slow or messy waves, you'll often find the power pocket is behind you. A well timed cutback will put you in the critical spot at speed. It can be functional and stylish, and shows everyone around you that you really know how to surf." Marc Woolward England Team Rider dixit. Check it out. Link is below ;)



Thanks Glyn!


Boas ondas,

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