WWST 2011 / Ocean Spirit Festival 2011 / 15th Report by Steve Farthing

Mundial de Waveski / Portugal Ocean Spirit / Report de Steve Farthing

Steve Farthing by Pete Copp

É o maior!! Steve Farthing, campeão do Mundo de Kayaksurf HP Masters, chegou à final na mesma classe no Mundial de Waveski. Há dúvidas que é um dos melhores do mundo? Claro que não. Fica mais um report que escreveu para o kayaksurf.net ;)

He's the man!! Steve Farthing, current Worlf Surfkayak HP Masters Champion, just got the Master's FINALS in Waveski Worlds. Is there any doubts that he is one of the best worldwide? Of course not. Check one more report that he wrote for kayaksurf.net ;) All the best for the Finals Steve!!


Ocean Spirit on my mind
by Steve Farthing
Report No 15

Ground hog day…well it was low tide again, and the guillotine was there again and guess what they threw us out again, but not me…those poor new age guys, for once lucky I’m old!

Crunch time, top 8 in the open got their chance this morning to tackle this bloody wave (not challenging anymore just bloody). Renan Leloutre was a little too slick for Blair Moore. Pablo Arrouays met with big wave Ben John and the waves just weren’t big enough for Ben. Andre Burger met Rees Duncan and was third time unlucky. Rees was clinical and wasn’t prepared to take second place again. Virgile Humbert in his usual style carved his way to victory over Doug Copeland. And now there are four.

New age, juniors and cadets had their chance to make the finals. I was impressed by a young French cadet who did a crazy left hand aerial in the shore break followed by a reverse 360, watch out in Brazil. Two juniors need mention; Virgile and Pablo from France are both in the top 4 of the open and in the juniors final. The last time someone won a juniors and open title was in 1989 in the UK, guess who that was….Rees Duncan. Can these guys do it?

High tide came and guess what, lets have a break. They threw some body boarders out that were going into barrels into the sand, I thought we were crazy. Next the best SUP guys went out for an expression session and wow these guys were good.

So by 5.30, the tide was dropping, draining into the Atlantic and guess what, Waveski Time!!! Seniors and Masters semi’s, I thought I was safe but apparently not. Big wave Benny John (aka Rock Star) and Mike Orsmond progressed through and then Mike Cowan went for broke and landed a crazy 8 point aerial to clinch his spot in the seniors final with of course Rees Duncan.

Masters time, the defending champion Lance Milnes and Blair Moore progressed in the first semi and I lucked into the last sand dredging heat of the day. Poor Theirry Moraud from France took on one of the dredgers and never looked the same again. Myself and Doug played safe and progressed to the final.

I’m in a final and I’m going in the pool, yeah. If they finish tomorrow, its party time.

Ocean Spirit is back on my mind.




Thanks Steve ;) Good luck for the Finals!!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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