NEW OPHION Paddle / Meet the KATANA

KATANA / A nova pagaia da OPHION

Sasa Rejec apresenta-nos mais uma pagaia da marca eslovena OPHION. A KATANA sai com duas versões. A mais barata - versão CLUB - é produzida especialmente para escolas de canoagem e empresas de aventura. São as primeiras fotos e, em breve, todas as novidades na página da OPHION! Esta mais barata sai a 166€. Mais em baixo, o vídeo mais recente de Darren Bason, Ophion Team.

Sasa Rejec presents us the new OPHION padde - KATANA. This new toy was released in two versions. The less expensive is about 166€ (CLUB version) - this paddle was made specially for kayak schools and clubs with durable and flexible fiberglass. Check out this first photos and soon, all the infos on the OPHION website. Below you can also see the latest video od Darren Bason - OPHION Team.



by Sasa Rejec

The new Ophion Katana slices through the water like a knife, it’s smooth, balanced, powerful and light. We wanted to compliment the already powerful aggressive existing range with something a little less aggressive giving the paddler a smoother more traditional stroke. The unique dihedral ridge on the powerface keeps the paddle stable while it slices through the water on a draw stroke.

Due to the new design we managed to reduce the blade length and retain the width giving you a quick loaded power that stays stable. It is this combination of Dihedral and Spine shape that keeps the paddle so balanced. This new paddle has been designed for the Creeker and Freestyle kayaker who wants to set up and push their lines that little bit tighter and faster. For a light weight, very strong, powerful,
smooth paddle choose the new Ophion Katana.



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