World Championships of Surf Kayaking by Steve Farthing / 1st Report

Primeiro Report de Steve Farthing / Mundial de Kayaksurf EUA

É o primeiro report de Steve Farthing em exclusivo para o kayaksurf.net. Steve faz parte da nossa NEWS TEAM e reportou-nos 16 grandes crónicas no Mundial de Waveski que se realizou no Ocean Spirit Festival. Agora, do outro lado do Atlântico, vai reportar-nos o Mundial de Kayaksurf. Fica a primeira!

It's the first report that Steve Farthing makes for us about the World Championships of Surf Kayaking that will run in USA East coast (North Carolina). Steve made an excellent coverage for us about the World Waveski Surfing Titles in Ocan Spirit Festival, Portugal. Now, time to know what the World Champ of Kayaksurf and Waveski thinks about the event that will start this thursday. Thanks a lot Steve!!


World Championships of Surf Kayaking 2011
Steve Farthing report

Well I've finally made it to Nags Head, Outer Banks, North Carolina for the 2011 World Surf Kayak Championships and low and behold they've got waves. The competition site setup is similar to a break on Australia's Gold Coast called the Spit with a wedging left hand ramp coming off a jetty.............this place is made for aerials.

I managed an hour and a half session today with a couple of pommie kayakers and 20 odd local boardies who were all pretty friendly. The only problem I can see is the paddle out will be tough if it gets big which might happen this weekend. Galen, Tyler and the defending champ Dave Speller are here, could Tyler be thinking of entering on a kayak? Now that would be interesting. A few more of the competitors are turning up tonight including the Kings, my irish adopted family, might be a crowd in the morning.

Carolina's now well and truly on my mind.


Some photos from yesterday:

Dave Speller by WCSK

Darren Bason by WCSK


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