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Não brincam em serviço e o calendário para 2009 contempla 18 eventos, entre nacionais e internacionais. Lá está o Mundial em Portugal pelo meio e as melhores provas mundias da modalidade. John Watson enviou-nos o calendário. Aqui fica para potenciais interessados!

England Surf Kayak ranking event (*)

Home" events & International

January 24/25 * Bantham
March 19-22 Santa Cruz, California
April 4/5 * Kimmeridge Bay
April 4/5 Cayton Bay, NorthEast Series 1 - short boat Open
April 11/12 (Easter)
Abr-18 * Widemouth H'cap, Short boat Open
Abr-19 * Widemouth, Longboat open, long & short Juniors and Ladies
April 25/26 * St Ives Bay
tba Mundaka, Spain
May 2/3 Teignmouth, NorthEast series 2 - short boat Open
May 9/10 * Cornish Open, Red River
May 16/17 (Cornish Open reserve date)
June 6/7 Pease Bay, NorthEast Series 3 - short boat Open
July 23 - August 2 World Championships, Ocean Spirit, Santa Cruz, Portugal
August 22/23 * Mega Plastic champs, Woolacombe - tbc
September 5/6 * NorthEast HP series - Final. Open, Ladies, Junior short boat.
October 4/5 British Open 2009, Wales
October 11/12 British Open 2009, Wales - alternative date


Hi everyone,

Thanks for a really enjoyable year and your good company at beaches all over the UK and Europe! We finish 2008 with all the England Team as Home International Champions, Tamsin and Sam as World Cup Champions and Robyn and Philip as British Open Champions, as well as all our England ranking list champions - well done everyone!

2009 Calendar attached. Thank you as always to the organisers who have put themselves forward. There are new events from Ed Long, Chris Harvey at www.coldwaterkayaksurf.co.uk soon, and Steve Davenport with Bude CC, added to our regulars from James, Simon, SteveB, Pete and Malcolm/SteveChivs. The British Open is confirmed for October, run by Nathan Eades. Bude's event is particularly welcome, since it complements Simon's event with all the other classes, and should help ensure all classes have meaningful ranking lists.

If there's anyone else who has been thinking of running an event, please include all classes (or like Bude's, do a 2-day split). More events are not essential, but if anyone would like to run one, the best times seem to be late Feb or early March, late June, and perhaps late October too (or would that be a good time to organise a warm water surfing week for fun?). Let me know if you'd like me to add anything to the calendar.

England Surf Kayak. I know our new chairman John Barker has been making lots of contacts and spending time on our behalf behind the scenes. I know it will be really helpful for us all to have his support through the year. Also, I'm sure he'll appreciate help from lots of different people through the year too.

England Surf Kayak website. I understand Steve Childs has been working on it and it should be available soon.

England team selection for Worlds. As previously stated, this includes consideration of the Autumn 2008 events and the 2008 ranking lists. It will include the first events of 2009. I am expecting to hear soon when the team entry deadline is for the Worlds, and that may influence how far into the year we go. More details early next year.

Phillip, Ed and Darren on Ocean Spirit 2008 / foto: kayaksurf.net

Ocean Spirit Worlds, 23 July to 2 August 2009. News is mostly released on
http://www.kayaksurf.net/news.html and keep an eye on http://www.wska.org/about.htm . We'll start to look at plans early next year.

I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing Darren a great start in Australia now he has moved - we look forward to seeing him in Portugal at the Worlds.

Have a very happy Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you in sunny Bantham in January!



Thanks John!

Happy New year to you all and congratulations for your great calendar!!

luis pedro abreu

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Anonymous Anónimo said...

I just came back from a trip to Peru, surfing there was incredible

There are several ways to go, but I took this one and was great.

Enter to the blog there is an email address there were you can ask!


see ya in ocean!

sexta-feira, agosto 21, 2009  

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