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Decorreu no passado fim de semana e contou com o nosso apoio. Francisco Saraiva lá esteve a representar o waveski nacional e aqui estão todos os resultados. Vídeos de Dessie McGlinchey, Andy e report de Marty McCann. Destaque para o jovem norte-irlandês Andy McClelland que, com 15 anos de idade (!!) ganhou em três categorias - junior e senior - onde bateu o experiente e ex-campeão do mundo Chris Hobson.

Contratulations to Kieron Davies, Andy McCleland & Chris Hobson winners of the Waveski, Short Boat & Long Boat Open competitions. 24 Short Boats, 18 waveskis, 14 Long Boats made for 15.5 hours of competition over the 2 days. We had small conditions on Saturday and big windy conditions Sunday pushed the riders in all classes to their maximums. Despite the conditions though the standard of surfing wave very strong with aerials, barrel rolls and other big moves required to make it through the rounds.

Dessie McGlinchey sent us the video and Marty the results. Full report from the Irirh Open 2009. Well done to Andy McClelland who took both junior titles as well as the mens open beating Chris into 2nd position. He is still only 15!! Great event guys! Check out below the full results:

There was a reasonable turn out for the 2009 Surf Kayak & Waveski Irish Open. Swell forecast was not looking great, and it seamed as if we were going to now pay for so many years of quality conditions in the past at previous Opens. Day 1 of the comp was run off in small offshore conditions at Easkey left. The waves lacked power and it was difficult for riders to generate speed to execute maneuvers. However, the waves on the first day were put to good use to run the first round of heats which would leave the Sunday, day 2, free to run the reps and finals.

Waveski Final
Day 2's forecast promised the surf to increase, which it did. Unfortunately the wind also increased and came onshore. Big close out set waves and strong onshore made for difficult and energy zapping paddle outs.

On the high tide riders surfed dangerously close to the rock ledge in the hope of that elusive launchpad on the inside section. Morgan O'Sullivan pulled a nice air on the inside narrowly escaping the ledge. He was not so fortunate in the final however, when he smashed the nose of his ski off the rocks as the tide dropped out, as did Welsh man Pete O'Kane.

All in all another great Irish Open and a big thank you must go out to Morgan for co-ordinating and organising the event Also thanks to Edel, The Judges and everyone else who helped out over the weekend to make the comp run so smoothly. Results are as follows-

Andy McClelland / photo by Gerry McGahey

Short Boat Open
1) Andy McCleland
2) Chris Hobson
3) Ashley Hunter
4) Andy McMurray

Long Boat Open
1)Chris Hobson
2)Ashley Hunter
3)Andy McCleland
4)Mickey Barry

Waveski Open
1) Kieron Davies
2) Marty McCann
3) Morgan O'Sullivan
4) Pete O'Kane

Richard Hobson - photo: Geoff Jennings

Masters Long Boat
1) Richard Hobson
2) Kevin Quinn

Masters Short Boat
1) Richard Hobson
2) Greg Heffernan
3) Kevin Quinn

Masters Waveski
1) Kieron Davies
2) Colm Slevin

Womens Long Boat
1) Edel Quinn
2) Georgina Quain
3) Shalene Ward
4) Maeve Coleman
5) Jackie Ferguson

Womens Short Boat
1) Edel Quinn
2) Shalene Ward

Junior Long Boat
1)Andy McCleland
2) Eoin Keyes
3) Neil Slevin

Junior Short Boat
1) Andy McCleland
2) Michael Johnson
3) Eoin Keyes

Junior Waveski
1) Eoin Keyes
2) Neil Slevin

Report: Marty McCann
Thanks Marty and Dessie!


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