THE 'Inner Kom' - BIG WAVES / SOUTH AFRICA by Adrian Tregoning

KAYAKSURF / ÁFRICA DO SUL / Todd Post by Adrian Tregoning

Todd turning around and getting a mild awakening from this beast. Photos by Adrian Tregoning.

É o mais recente elemento da nossa NEWS TEAM.
Adrian Tregoning fotografou o seu amigo Todd numa autêntica odisseia. Todd procurava demonstrar que o Fluid Element surfava (versão plástico) em quaisquer condições... pois. Só que a coisa ia correndo mesmo mal... fica o report.

It's the very first report from ore newst "NEWS TEAM" member, Adrian Tregoning / South Africa. Check out the story of these incredible photos...

"The day before my surgery in 2008 I let a friend of mine, Todd Post, try out my Element in the big surf as I wasn't allowed to paddle. He was extremely brave to head out alone and even though he failed to ride any waves, I salute him. Ironically, he had major surgery coming up a month later too, and then several more afterwards. So in honour of the long road to recovery I look forward to seeing you on the water more Todd. Take it easy mate, Adrian :-)"

Adrian Tregoning

Todd Post about to launch at the Inner Kom, Cape Town, South Africa

Todd getting into trouble from the word go but managing to stay upright

Todd turning around and getting a mild awakening from this beast

Trying to get out again...

Turning around once again...

In between the madness...

Todd about to get eaten by another beast of a wave

Into the kelp, not a good idea...

...and through the rocks. And yes, it hurt.

A view down on Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa.
Thanks Adrian and all the best for Todd ;)



Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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