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Decorreu no passado fim de semana de 3 e 4 de Abril em Sables D'Olonne e contou com grandes nomes do waveski mundial: Virgile Humbert (Júnior Campeão do Mundo), Caroline Angibaud, Mathieu Babarit, Renan Leloutre, entre outros. Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, envia-nos o report completo do evento com fotos de Steve Martingy. O evento contou com dois apoios nacionais: kayaksurf.net e Watertech ;)

It took place last weekend of April 3rd and 4th in Sables D'Olonne, France, and was attended by some of the great names of worldwide waveski: Virgile Humbert (Junior World Champ), Mathieu Babarit, Caroline Angibaud, Renan Leloutre, among others. Fred Jonneaux - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - sent us thr full report with results and photos by Steve Martingy. This event was supported by two nationals brands: kayaksurf.net and Watertech. Enjoy it ;)


Surf report by Fred Jonneaux

Hard conditions for that competition, with 5 to 6 feet waves on the first day, and a very strong on-shore wind (until 40 knots !) . Organization decided to put the surf zone next to the harbour, in a bit less windy part of the beach. In the evening, the girls made a beatiful final, with better conditions, showing a nice surf. Caroline Angibaud wins the final, before Coralie Jousset (2nd), Olivia Floch (3rd) and Elise Gaborit.

On sunday, on-shore wind blowing a bit slower, and waves conditions between 4 and 5 feet. But quite trash waves. Two Juniors manage to reach the open final (Virgile Humbert and Pablo Arrouays), but Mathieu Babarit made a show and wins the competition, before Virgile Humbert (junior 2009 world champion) and Renan Leloutre. In Senior category, Renan Leloutre burns the spot and wins the final, before Paul jouet, Erwan Picavet and Ludovic Mordant.

In Junior category, Pablo Arrouays and Virgile Humbert have a real battle against Mathieu Jonneaux and Kevin Le Bars. Virgile wins, then Pablo in second position, Mathieu Jonneaux 3rd and Kevin Le Bars 4th.

We noticed that the level in Junior (16 to 17 yearsold), Cadet (15 to 16 years old) and Minime (13 to 14 years old) is just amazing ! Nathan Le Bars, in cadet final, made a powerful aerial but couldn't get a second good wave, so he finished at the 2nd place after Maxime Gaborit.

Let's congratulate the youngest riders (minime category), who had to battle against waves and wind to reach good waves to surf. Special congratulations to Ludovic Sterlin who had the best high wave to surf, and wins in minime final, before Baptiste and Tom who couldn't reach big waves backwards, and surfed the small waves next to the shore break.

Many thanks to the club of Sables d'Olonne for that quality organization, and special thanks to Ernest Soulard Society, producer of " duck foie gras" who offerd the aperitif with their products, and prizes to the competitors !

The results are :

Minimes (12-14 years old) :
1er : Ludovic STERLIN (Bommes)
2nd : Baptiste ESCOLA (Lacanau)
4ème : Timothe FOUNTAINE (Etel)

CADETS : (14-15 years old)
1er : Maxime GABORIT (CKCL)
2nd : Nathan LEBARS (Plouhinec)
3ème : Alexandre BALLANGER (CKCL)
4ème : Louis DARNAUD (CKCL)

JUNIORS : (16-17 years old)
1er : VirgileHUMBERT (Molem Gliss)
2nd : Pablo ARROUAYS (Lacanau)
3ème : Mathieu JONNEAUX (Plouhinec)
4ème : Kevin LE BARS (Plouhinec)

1er : Mathieu BABARIT (AOCK)
2nd : Virgile HUMBERT (Molem Gliss)
3ème : Renan LELOUTRE (Cherbourg)
4ème : Pablo ARROUAYS (Lacanau)

1ère : Caroline ANGIBAUD (AOCK)
2nde : Coralie JOUSSET (CKCL)
3ème : Olivia FLOCH (CKCL)
4ème : Elise GABORIT (CKCL)

SENIORS : (18-34 years old)
1er : Renan LELOUTRE (Cherbourg)
2nd : Paul JOUET (Cherbourg)
3ème : Erwann PICAVET (CKCL)
4ème : Ludovic MORDANT (Crozon)

Mérci Fred!!


Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu

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