COUPE DE FRANCE / WAVESKI / Lacanau contest surf report by Fred Jonneaux

CIRCUITO FRANCÊS DE WAVESKI / Prova de Lacanau / Surf Report by Fred Jonneaux

O fim de semana passado foi pródigo em provas e eventos de kayaksurf e waveski. Para além da nossa Session, realizaram-se - entre outras - mais duas provas: Bakio, País Basco e Lacanau, França. Ambos os eventos contaram com o nosso apoio e os reports já cá chegaram ;) Depois do País Basco, vamos até Lacanau com Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net.

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th the club CKLG was organizing a national waveski competition in Lacanau (near Bordeaux). It was the las national competition before the France Waveski Championship which will happen at the end of October 2010 in Anglet (French Basque Country). Full report below by Fred Jonneaux - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net. Enjoy it ;)
12-13 June 2010 Lacanau
Surf report and photos by Fred Jonneaux

Lacanau Beach

About 45 riders coming from every parts of France came in Lacanau. On Saturday, we had 4 feet waves, with some light on-shore wind in the morning, getting stronger on the afternoon, so the conditions were quite difficult on the afternoon. Very good organization, and a nice dinner in a restaurant close to the lake gave time to the riders to have good moments together on the evening. It ended quite early, because competitors wanted to be on good form for the sunday finals. On Sunday morning, nice and warm sunny weather, with small and rare 2 feet glassy waves at the beginning of the day, getting a bit bigger around midday, reaching 3 or 4 feet.

First there were semi-final for the youngest (14 to 16 years old), then their Final : Nathan Le Bars (Plouhinec), Maxime Gaborit (Europe Champion from Sables d'Olonne), Ludovic Sterlin (Lacanau) and Louis Darnaud (Sables d'Olonne). Great battle between Max Gaborit and Nathan Le Bars, both are small waves specialists ! The scores were so close between those two riders that the judges had to count all of their waves scores to make the difference. Nathan Le Bars (Plouhinec) wins the Competition on Young category !

Then the Ladies Final with Caroline Angibaud, Olivia Floch, Coralie Jousset and Elise Gaborit. Caroline gets the 1st place, before Coralie Jousset 2nd (Sables d'olonne), Olivia Floch 3rd (Sables d'olonne) and Elise Gaborit 4th (Sables d'Olonne).

The Final for the Juniors, between Britons (Mathieu Jonneaux and Kevin Le Bars - Plouhinec) and the two
local riders Pablo Arrouays and Pierre Ortega. Bad conditions for Mathieu Jonneaux who is a tall and heavy rider, but he trained a lot all the year long to be able to perform on small conditions. He got a good first wave, and exploited it very well, getting a good score, and managed to win the Junior competition on Pablo Arrouays and Pierre Ortega home spot ! (Mathieu Jonneaux 1st, Pierre Ortega 2nd, Pablo Arrouays 3rd, Kevin Le Bars 4th).

The competition ended with the Open Final,with great riders as Mathieu Babarit riding on his new Rotomod Promodel, Renan Leloutre (France Senior Champion 2009), Guillaume Justine (Vice-world Champion 2009) and Sylvain Longuet, away from competition since two years, but coming back with his best surf. The battle during this final was hard, each one trying to get the best powerful wave. Mathieu Babarit was just amazing on his first wave, making the show with his new board. He wins the Open competition before Sylvain Longuet (2nd), Renan Leloutre (3rd) and Guillaume Justine (4th).

Thierry Mouraud by Kev Le Bars

Lots of thanks to Thierry Mouraud, main competition organizer, and to the Judges who spent all the week-end in the tent for judgement. Good atmosphere, good waves, nice people,... what else ?

Fred Jonneaux


Mérci Fred! Great event. Congratulations for all ;)

MAIOR ONDA DA EUROPA / Biggest wave in Europe
Boas ondas!
luis pedro abreu

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