2010 National Championships of Surfkayaking – FINAL Results

NACIONAL Norte Americano de Kayaksurf / RESULTADOS / Edu Etxeberria e Selecção Basca em grande!

Urko Otxoa flies off the lip in the Short Boat Quarter Finals

Decorreu no passado fim de semana na costa Este dos EUA mais uma edição do campeonato norte-americano de kayaksurf que incluiu a "Battle 4 Hateras" - uma prova onde três atletas formam uma equipa que disputa três classes distintas (HP, IC e Waveski) na busca do melhor resultado. A prova teve ainda a particularidade de decorrer no mesmo local onde será o Mundial de Kayaksurf 2011 (Outer Banks). A selecção basca esteve presente e ganhou quase tudo... como habitualmente ;) Fica o report e alguns dos resultados. Mais em baixo, o link para o site da ESKA (Associação de Kayaksurf da Costa Este dos EUA).

Check out the message from Joey Hall - "The ESKA 2010 National Championships of Surf Kayaking and Battle 4 Hatteras ran smoothly, with fantastic waves, nice weather and good friends surfing with one another. Some people won and some lost, but everyone had a good attitude about it. Below you will find a journal of the weekend’s events as well as the competition results. We look forward to seeing everyone this time next year, same location, for the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking." - Congratulations for the event guys ;) Below, after these photos and some results, the link for ESKA site with all the report.



Battle 4 Hatteras - 1st Place Team, "The Death Eaters;" Gordon Rock (wave ski), Anthony Bell (short boat), Spencer Cooke (long boat)

Mens Short Boat - 1st Edu Exteberria, 2nd Urko Otxoa, 3rd Xabi Olano, 4th (US National Champion) Anthony Bell

Mens Long Boat - 1st (US National Champion) Anthony Bell, 2nd Spencer Cooke, 3rd John Tarbell, 4th Charles Salters

Wave Ski - 1st Steve Riordan, 2nd Gordon Rock, 3rd Mark Pastic, 4th Ted Morris - Thanks to Island Wave Ski for giving three $200 gift certificates for our winners.

Womens Short Boat - 1st Garazi Iturralde, 2nd Ainhoa Tolosa, 3rd (US National Champion) Kris Whitmore

Joey Hall and Julen Arriz / The basque was the only Junior paddler in attendance at the event, though he competed in the Men's events and advanced to Semi-Finals. Expect some very competitive surfing from this 17-year-old in the near future! He's already very talented and he surfs with Edu and Urko regularly - a recipe for great surfing.

The Basque Team: An incredible bunch of athletes, nice folks and great sports.


Thanks Joey and Spencer and congratulations ;)

Boas ondas,
luis pedro abreu

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