Haakgat – Best Surf Kayaking Session of the Season? / South Africa

Adrian Tregoning reporta uma boa sessão de ondas perto da Cidade do Cabo

Grande sessão de kayaksurf com Adrian Tregoning - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - e Craig Rivett. De acordo com o relato de Adrian, já há uns tempos andavam de olho na costa a noroeste da Cidade do Cabo. Pois bem, com as condições favoráveis, o swell entra de feição e aí estão eles a aproveitar. Em baixo, o link para mais fotos.

Great kayaksurf session near by Cape Town, South Africa. Adrian Tregoning - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - and Craig Rivett take the chance os beautiful waves in Haakgat. According to Adrian: "I’d been checking out Haakgat for quite a while. When it gets big and there is SE wind blowing a couple of windsurfers and kiters hit that spot and ride the left that runs just next to a patch of reef. The launch has some shore break but it’s manageable if you time it right. Once out it isn’t too hard to get to the backline, on a given day. Many times I had stood there and checked it out. No wind, but closing out right across and no ways of getting to the backline – damn. On another day, it just wouldn’t be happening, or a NW wind would totally ruin it, or too much SE wind. Or the tide would be wrong and the evil kelp would be sticking out, waiting to cane the unsuspecting kayaker. Until July this year.

Craig Rivett and I headed out scored one of my most enjoyable surfs this season. The waves were fairly slow breaking, one could get long rides, it was easy to get out again and they had a nice size. Farrah Higgs captured the action beautifully and if you look at the photos below I’m sure you’ll agree – thanks!"

Farrah Higgs


Thanks Adrian ;)

Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu

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