Kayaksurf / TAO's BIG wave practice Recap

As últimas sobre a aventura de Tao Berman / Mota de água atinge o kayak

Tao Berman

Tao Berman continua a sua aventura de surfar umas ondaças com apoio de mota de água. A coisa correu mal no dia de hoje... a mota atingiu o kayak (lembram-se da foto de uma mota da red bull quase a atingir o surfista?). Tao nadou mas a coisa correu bem... apesar de tudo. Mais em baixo todo o report com mais detalhes...

Randy Phillips and Fletcher Burton keep us informed about the adventure of Tao Berman. According to Randy, "Tao has just completed 2 days of practice runs at Nelscott Reef this week. He was able to tow-in to some of the smaller set waves - solid 25’ waves to test out his surfing abilities and his kayak performance.
He was happy to report the kayak was plenty fast enough, it just needed to gain some more weight for the chop.

All went well until Tao swapped his surf kayak for the Red Bull PWC with a photographer on the back for a closer inside look at some of the bigger waves. A set wave closed out the channel between the peaks with Tao and company caught inside. He tried to out run toward shore what is said to be a 50’ close out. Apparently the ski had sucked up a ski rope earlier and had not been completely cleared – which results in little to no power when he needed it the most!

Tao, the photographer and the ski were enveloped in a very large wall of white water. The photographer bailed and suffered a torn ACL before happily getting to shore. Tao made it to shore safely prior to ending up on the rocks. A woman witnessing the event from shore called the Coast Guard to rescue them. No word on the fate of the ski!

I am hoping someone had their video going.

Randy Phillips

Thanks Fletch and Randy!


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