Kayaksurf USA / Davenport Paddle Surf Classic 2010

Prova de Kayaksurf de Davenport / Convite de Dennis Judson / Próximo fim de semana

O convite chega-nos por Dennis Judson e o evento conta com o apoio kayaksurf.net. Decorre este fim de semana em Davenport, Califórnia, e contará com a presença de grandes nomes do kayaksurf, waveski e SUP da costa oeste. Jeoff Jennings está na organização do evento e o mítico Dennis Judson enviou-nos o convite.

It will this next weekend and Geoff Jennings is in the organization of this event. You can CLICK on the poster and check out the oficial website. Menawhile, Dennis Judson sent us the invitation with a special message:

Paddle Powered Surfers,

Every paddle touting surfer should be in the Davenport Paddle Surf Classic. If you want to be on the West coast team to compete in the Worlds Championships in 2011 and gorge yourself in east coast crab, it’s a must. But, if you simply want to envelop yourself in the ethos of paddle surfing you should be there. Geoff Jennings has put together a wonderful contest and has sequestered $1000 in prizes. You don’t want to miss it. Go to the WCSKA web site or go to the title on Facebook-you will be pleased.

Dennis Judson


Thanks Geoff and Dennis! All the best for the event ;)

Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu

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