Kayaksurf / 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking from Sept. 28 - October 9th

Mundial de Kayaksurf / EUA Costa Este de 28 de Setembro a 9 de Outubro

Aí está a data final! Após várias negociações "institucionais", a costa Este dos EUA vai receber o Mundial de Kayaksurf de 28 de Setembro a 9 de Outubro. Mais em baixo, o link para o site oficial onde pode encontrar todas as informaçõs ;)

Check out the dates! USA East Coast will receive and organize this year edition of the Kayaksurf Worlds. It will run from September 28th till October 9th. Below, the link for the official website with all the information.


Travel plans for 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking

If you are booking airfare to attend the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking on Sept 28 – October 9, we highly recommend that you fly into International Airports in one of the following cities.

Please keep checking back here for a detailed event itinerary.

Sept 28
- Practice/exhibition day for competitors (non-required)

Sept 29
- Morning – Competitor check in and Boat safety check
- Evening – Competitor Parade and opening banquet

Sept 30-Oct 8
- Competition

Oct 9
- Evening – Award Ceremony and closing banquet

Oct 10
- Optional last surf session. Farewell and travel day

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