WAVESKI / Coupe de France in Crozon-Morgat / Report by Fred Jonneaux

Waveski / Taça de França / Report da prova deste fim de semana por Fred Jonneaux

All competitors / all photos by Fred Jonneaux

Decorreu este fim de semana em Crozon-Morgat e Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, envia-nos o report completo com tudo o que se passou na prova. Parabéns aos participantes e vamos aos resultados ;)

Took place this weekend in Crozon-Morgat one more event of the Waveski French Cup. Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, sent us all the news with the main information and photos. Congratulations for all and enjoy the surf report ;)


23 et 24 Avril 2011
Sun and waves, big level,… all we needed !
by Fred Jonneaux

This week end was organized our 1st National Waveski Circuit competition, in Crozon-Morgat (Brittany). Nice sun, good waves, and big level : Virgile Humbert (Junior Worldchampion), Coralie Jousset (France ladies Champion) and a few other top riders were there, between 40 other competitors coming from all west parts of France.
Very good news on the registration : 9 ladies were confirmed for the competition, and around 10 new young riders were there for the first competition !

Waves were supposed to be growing from 1 meter to more than 2 meters, so we started the young and Ladies categories heats , to make sure it would not be too hard for the riders that begin in competition.

In Young category (12 and 13 years old), 3 riders were competing. For 2 of the mit was the first competition, so Baptiste Escola, who competes since last year got the first place. Then came the senior (18 years old and more) category. and the Junior (in France, Junior is for riders of 16 and 17 years old).

Ladies got the final heat at the end of the day, in good waves around 1,50 m. Coralie Jousset (France Ladies Champion) was fighting against Olivia Floch, Elise Gaborit and Emilie Jonneaux. Olivia is back on the competition after a year off. But two years ago, she was on the world top5 in ladies, and tried to make the show on the ladies final. But Coralie was more radical and found better waves. Emilie just try to get a place on the podium, but she begins on the national circuit, and didn’t have enough experience to beat Elise. Next time, maybe…

On Cadet category (14 and 16 years old), Nathan Le Bars was against Maxime Gaborit (European Cadet Champion), Ludovic Sterlin and Timothé Fountaine. Maxime didn’t manage any good wave, Nathan was much better on small conditions and won the final quite easily.

On Sunday, the day started in fat waves around two meters. The Open category started,
and in the middle of the day run the Junior Final, with Mathieu Jonneaux (Watertech Team) against Pablo Arrouays, Tristan Thiery and Louis Darnaud. Mathieu immediatly choose the better waves and realized several radical manoeuvers. Pablo and Louis tried to come back on the score, but Mathieu found some big and long waves, pushing his better surf and won the final.

In Senior category happened something just amazing : during the semi final heat, Pierre Ortega managed to eliminate Virgile Humbert and Clément Guilbert, who are both on the world top 10 !

Mathieu Jonneaux and Pablo Arrouays were both eliminated on the Open semi-final. Ma
The Open final was really difficult : low tide, small and rare waves, the riders were 3 guys from Guadeloupe Island : Maël Divialle, Virgile Humbert, Clément Guilbert, and… Maxime Gaborit (15 years old).

The competition ended in a very good atmosphere, as usual. The National French Waveski circuit will probably be a success before August, because most of the best competitors who will come for the Worlds in Portugal compete now for training. Next National competition in France : May 28th-29th in Siouville (Normandy), (reported dates of the competition that could not ber un on March 5th-6th because of bad conditions)


Podium Open

Open :
1.Maël Divialle (Molem Glisse)
2.Clément Guilbert (Molem Glisse)
3.Maxime Gaborit (Sables d’Olonne)
4.Virgile Humbert (Molem Glisse)

Podium Ondines

Ondine :
1.Coralie Jousset (Sables d’Olonne)
2.Olivia Floch (Sables d’Olonne)
3.Elise Gaborit (Sables d’Olonne)
4.Emilie Jonneaux (Plouhinec)

Podium senior

Senior :
1.Pierre Ortega (Lacanau)
2.Renan Leloutre (Nord Cotentin)
3.Maël Divialle (Molem Glisse)
4.Guillaume Justine (Molem Glisse)

Podium Junior

Junior :
1.Mathieu Jonneaux (Plouhinec)
2.Pablo Arrouays (Lacanau)
3.Louis Darnaud (Sables d’Olonne)
4.Tristan Thiery (Crozon-Morgat)

Podium Cadet

Cadet :
1.Nathan Le Bars (Plouhinec)
2.Maxime Gaborit (Sables d’Olonne)
3.Ludovic Sterlin (Bommes-Lacanau)
4.Timothé Fountaine (Ria d’Etel)

Jeunes :
1.Baptiste Escola (Lacanau)


Emilie Jounneaux


Mathieu Jounneaux


Matt Jonneaux

Thanks Fred ;) Great event!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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