Atlantic Watersports Games 2011 / Start this weekend!

North Devon / England / 23 - 28 July

Estamos quase lá! O kayaksurf.net está a apoiar o evento e aqui ficam alguns registos promocionais do festival que reúne cinco países "atlânticos". Da parte do kayaksurf, Philip Watson em grande estilo nas revistas e anúncios exteriores ;)

Created in 1996, the International Committee of the Interceltic Watergames is an association which gathers representatives of the different member regions. Its aim is to develop marine leisure activities in the Atlantic Area; develop sportive, cultural and economical exchanges between the peoples from the countries and regions member of the International Committee, and develops friendship between the peoples from the regions and countries of the Atlantic Area, through sports, culture, economy or any other activity. The event will start this weekend and here you can see some mediatic exposure that surfkayaking has in this event. Phil Watson in great style ;)



All the best!!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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