British Kayak Surfing OPEN / POSTPONED for 20/21 August

Evento adiado para 20 e 21 de Agosto

John Watson, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, informa-nos do adiamento do British Open 2011. O swell não ajudou e a segunda data entra em acção. Mais em baixo, o texto integral com toda a informação.

"I am sorry to say that with the surf forecast we have, we are postponing the British Open to its reserve date of 20/21 August. All signs are that it will be very small or perhaps even uncontestable on Saturday, and most likely completely flat on Sunday. We do not want people to travel to a British Open which we may quite likely find on the day that we cannot run at all.

If you would like your entry to transfer to the advertised reserve date of 20/21 August, there's no need to do anything - you're automatically in. If you are not available for 20/21 August, let me know before 15 August and we will refund your entry fee. No refunds will be available from 16th August, as we shall be drawing the first round.

Apologies to everyone for any disruption of your travel and home plans. Let's hope for some swell in a few weeks.

Steve Chivers, Glyn Brackenbury, John Watson"




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