WWST / Ocean Spirit Festival 2011 / Report by Steve Farthing

Steve Farthing ainda na Austrália / 1º Report sobre o Mundial de Waveski

Australia Team

Pertence à nossa NEWS TEAM, é o actual campeão do mundo de kayaksurf (Masters HP) e vai estar de novo em Portugal para participar, desta vez, no Mundial de Waveski. Steve Farthing é um senhor. Eis a sua primeira crónica da série que vai escrever para nós ;)

He belongs to our NEWS TEAM, is the former Masters HP World Kayaksurf Champion and, this time, he will be again in Portugal but to participate in the World Waveski Surfing Titles. Steve Farthing is a gentleman. Here is his first report of many that he will write for us ;)


Ocean Spirit on My Mind
by Steve Farthing

So we’ve got 78 on the list from all over the world with lots of big names turning up to the World Waveski Titles as part of the Ocean Spirit Surf Festival. I’ll be there next Tuesday putting together the odd report on what going down. If it’s anything like it was 2 years ago, it”s going to be lots of fun. Watch out if I get hold of a microphone!

Well let’s start my first report with an Aussie roundup. I’ve been hanging out down in Coffs Harbour lately, home of the defending champ and scoring a few good waves. I can tell you all that Rees is fit and surfing better than ever on some new gear from the Wavemaster factory. I just hope I’m on the other side of the draw. On the women’s side, Mel Hardy has lifted her game throwing down the odd aerial, looks and sounds like she wants this title. The rest of the crew is made up of Blair Moore current Aussie and US Open Champ, Dale Randahl east coast champ, Lance Milnes current world masters champ.

Jackie Dillion our world president and former Aussie women’s champ, Ben John craziest waveski surfer on the planet, Cisco Nascimento possibly been competing longer that anyone with a long list of victories and then there’s me, enough said there. Even though we’re a small team, we’re pretty strong and have a good chance of taking out the tag team trophy.

That’s it for now. Keep tuning into kayaksurf.net for all the latest from Ocean Spirit on my mind………

Thanks Steve!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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