WWST 2011 / Ocean Spirit Festival 2011 / 12nd Report by Steve Farthing

Ocean Spirit Festival / Mundial de Waveski / Report by Steve Farthing

Miguel Carvalho

Novo report de Steve Farthing. Início da prova com grandes ondas e altas performances. Nos portugueses, Miguel Carvalho e Pedro Castro afastados da classe Open. Bruno Melo continua e Francisco Saraiva entre hoje nos Séniores. Check in hoje às 6.30!!

New report from Steve Farthing. The competition started today with some great scores already ;) Check the report and, this wednesday, check in at 6.30!!

Ocean Spirit on my mind
by Steve Farthing
Report No 11

The World Waveski Titles finally got underway today at Praia do Navio. The conditions were challenging for the open qualifying rounds and the Masters division with powerful 6 ft sets rolling through . Pablo Arrouays and Mathieu Jonneaux were outstanding but for me the highlight had to be Italian Stefano Bellotti. A top rated surf Kayaker who has only ridden a waveski a handful of times, first heat, first wave of the event takes on a bomb set launches into the air and lands a massive aerial, 7.5 , Go Italy!

The Masters also got their chance today. Blair Moore and Lance Milnes did not disappoint with solid performances . In a surprise upset, former Champion Kieran Davies was relegated to the rep round, and I just pipped Thierry Mouraud in a close one in the last heat of the day.

Honorable mentions should out to Melissa Hardy the only female to take on the tough surf conditions and Jeff Munson, a disabled rider who progressed through both his heats.

6:30 am start tomorrow with the seeded heats and other age divisions. Until tomorrow, Ocean Spirit on my mind.


Mathieu Jonneaux

Pablo Paillou

Lance Milnes

Jeff Munson

Thierry Mouraud

Steve Farthing


Thanks Steve ;)

WWST11 /Ocean Spirit

Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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