Kayaksurf Worlds 2011 USA / 2nd Report from Steve Farthing + Videos

Mundial de Kayaksurf / 2º Report de Steve Farthing + Primeiros Vídeos

Luxo! Vídeos assegurados por Corin King (Campeão Mundial Junior Kayaksurf IC 2009) e Darren Bason com reports de Steve Farthing (Campeão Mundial de Kayaksurf HP Masters 2009 e Waveski Masters 2011). Fica o segundo report com o primeiro vídeo directinho dos EUA!

GREAT!! Corin King (Kayaksurf IC Junior World Champ 2009) will send us all the videos from USA Kayaksurf Worlds and Steve Farthing (Kayaksurf HP Masters World Champ 2009 and Waveski World Champ Masters 2011), will keep us informed with the usual reports. This second report also have the contribution of Darren Bason and his first Random Video ;) What a awesome team! Take a look to the 2nd report and check the vids!


World Championships of Surf Kayaking 2011
Steve Farthing report

What's the "Craig"? Well if your Irish that would be "what's up". Irish slang is another language altogether and when your hanging out with the King family you have to learn fast. Well my new buddies finally made it here at 1am after an epic journey from Washington but in true Irish fashion they just laugh it off as another funny adventure.

Caught up with Chris Hobson and Sam Davenport today who'd scored a few good waves south of the comp site. Korin, Jake and myself also got a few small ones in front of the motel. Surf was smaller today but the weekend is still looking good. I heard on the grape vine that the Basque team have arrived and were tearing up the comp site today along with Stefano and Gabriel from Italy. All the action will start on Friday can't wait.

Reporting from Nags Head, North Carolina,


Thanks Steve, Darren and Corin|


Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu

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