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Final do Mundial de Kayaksurf / Mega com 4 novos campeões do mundo!

Parabéns à Mega pelos grandes resultados que apresenta neste Mundial de Kayaksurf 2011. Quatro novos campeões do Mundo + três finalistas! Fica a mensagem de Malcolm Pearcey em cima do momento enquanto confirmamos todos o resultados. Para já, ficam estes!!

Congratulations Mega Surfkayaks for the great results achieved in World Championships of Surf Kayaking 2011. Just right on time, we received a message from Mr.Mega about these results. Check below while we wait for ALL the list!

World Championships of Surf Kayaking 2011
Message from Malcolm Pearcey

Huge congratulations to all the Mega Team Paddlers at the Worlds. Fantastic results from a great bunch of athletes and friends. Sorry I can't be there to celebrate with you tonight but will drink a beer to you here and hope to catch up with you all soon.

20 years of Mega , and the medals just keep on coming.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Malcolm Pearcey


MEGA Results:

Chris Hobson - Mens HP
Tamsin Green - Women HP
Emma Wynter - Women IC
Andy McLelland - Junior IC

Other finalist:

Glyn Brackenbury 4th HP
Sam Davenport 3rd IC
Corin King 4th IC



Boas ondas,
luis pedro abreu

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