Plastic Surfkayaking Champs / Results and Ranking Lists by John Watson

Mega Plastic Surf Kayak Champs 2010 / Report de John Watson

Woolacombe last year / photo by Caroline Janganant

Decorreu neste fim de semana em Woolacombe, North Devon (SW da Inglaterra) mais uma edição da Mega Plastic Surfkayak Championships. O destaque foi todo para os "plásticos" da Mega - principal patrocinador - e nós apoiámos uma vez mais o evento. Fiquem agora com o report de John Watson - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - e vejam no pódio nomes bem conhecidos por estas bandas ;)

One more edition of the Mega Plastic Surf Kayak Champs. It was in Woolacombe, North Devon (England SW) and here is the full report by John Watson - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net. Congratulations for all ;)


England Surf Kayak
Mega Plastic Surf Kayak Champs 2010, Woolacombe, North Devon, 21 August
Results e surf report by John Watson

Thanks to everyone who turned out and helped the Mega Surf Kayak Plastic Champs run smoothly through a wet and windy day at Woolacombe beach. Results below.

Well done Jack Barker, first time in the Men's final as well as winning the Juniors. Steve Chivers also reached two finals and John Trelease was another first-time winner in the Masters. One point between Philip and Chris in the Men's rankings, with just one event to go - Westward Ho! on 2/3 October.

Richard Uren and Malcolm Pearcey

Thanks to Malcolm from MEGA for giving a boat away in a raffle at the meal on Saturday evening. Richard Uren was the winner, and went home with a shiny new Bullitt XS.
Open class, short boat
1.Chris Hobson
2.Philip Watson
3.Steve Chivers
4.Jack Barker
5=Harry Uren
5=Andy Wildman
7=Tim Holland
7=Dylan Petherick
9=John Trelease
9=Glen Scott
9=Robyn Pearcey
9=Andrew Hawker
13=Denzil Pearce
13=Emma Wynter
13=Aidan Brackenbury
16.Jim Ottaway
17.Richard Uren
18.Ben Rogers
19=Dave Bradshaw
19=Steve Petherick
19=John Millington
22=Andrew Ryder
22=Alan Oakes
24.Kirt Odam

Woolacombe Beach

Steve Chivers

Masters, short boat
1.John Trelease
2.Steve Chivers
3.Dave Bradshaw
4.Andrew Hawker
5=Richard Uren
5=Andy Wildman
7.Steve Petherick

Jack Barker

Junior, short boat
1.Jack Barker
2.Harry Uren
3.Dylan Petherick
4.Aidan Brackenbury
5=Tim Holland
5=Emma Wynter
7.Glen Scott

Judging ;)

Ben Rogers

Mega sponsor

Philip Watson (nice t-shirt!)

Thanks John!

Boas ondas!
luis pedro abreu

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