Sea & Surf Kayak Amelia Weekend Report by Nigel Law

KAYASURF & Kayak de Mar / Costa Este EUA / Report by Nigel Law

All photos by Savannah Canoe & Kayak
Decorreu este fim de semana na costa Este dos EUA mais uma iniciativa do Savannah Canoe & Kayak. O objectivo era promover o kayaksurf e o kayak de mar para todos os interessados. Nigel e Kristin Law dinamizaram as actividades e o report aqui fica emviado por Nigel. Interessantes estes carrinhos para transportar o material...

One more initiative from Nigel and Kristin Law / Savannah Canoe & Kayak. This time, the objectiv was promoting kayaksurf and sea kayaking. The weather was great and all the people have fun with different boats. Nigel sent us the full report. Congratulations for all ;)


Sea & Surf Kayak Amelia Weekend
Report by Nigel Law

If you think it's hot in Georgia, take a trip down to Florida !
We were definitely sympathetic to toasted cheese melt on Friday, but thankfully the thunderstorms rolled through in the night and Saturday cooled off some....a little.. ish.At 75', at least the water was cooler.

We had a great bunch of Surfistas from across Florida for both days, starting in Surf Kayaks for day 1 then transferring to Sea Kayaks for day 2. A beautiful location just north of Jacksonville gave us everything we needed. .

Skill level was across the board, from first timers to experienced stand up surfers. All the best surf workshops start on the flat, and we made good use of a small overwash pond right on the beach. Having good foundation in paddle skills gets you to the line up quicker and keeps you in the surf for longer....after all, it is paddle surfing. We also looked at the advantages and disadvantages of boat design, personal physiology, mental preparedness and knowledge of the surf zone. After lunch, surf was small, but very rideable.

The nice thing about small conditions is that it focuses the student much more on the subtleties of the boat/body/wave dynamics..this is especially good for students of a higher caliber. We experimented with take off, perfect trim and edging. Thanks to all the students for your enthusiasm and friendships and making it a whole lot of fun..as it should be.

Day 2 was Sea Kayaks in surf and how to better control them in waves and on a beach approach.

We will be returning to this location in about six weeks time, as well as going on further down the coast for a session with other friends and fellow surfers at NSB.
For Classes, P.I or a Mega Demo call Savannah Canoe & Kayak @ 912 341 9502

Thanks Nigel and Kristin!

Boas ondas!
luis pedro abreu

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