Kayaksurf UK / Report by Marc Woolward & Carol Janganant

Report by Marc Woolward & Caroline Janganant

A surfada decorreu no passado fim de semana em Bantham (Devon, England), e juntou vários craques nas ondas, A swell não ajudou muito mas a diversão reinou. Fica o report de Marc e Carol - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net.

Check out the report from Marc about this past weekend in Bantham (Devon, England). Surfkayaking session with very well known names ;)
It's been a long, hard winter. Haven't made it out West for months due to work commitments, bad bad weather, and sickness. So when the chance to get out there came along this weekend we grabbed it despite the poor forecast. The Storm Front battering the North Coast made it unsurfable so a few text messages and a bunch of us were heading for Bantham on the southcoast of Devon. As we got there, the storm passed and the sun came out and despite howling cross-shore winds and small swell it was a fun session. Always is when you're surfing with friends. Interpretation by Caroline Janganant.

Paddlers - 2 World Champions and a bunch of ne'er do wells. Chris Hobson, David Speller, Chris Jones, Denzil Pearce, Pete Blenkinson, and me (Marc Woolward).

Caroline Janganant

Paddling out

Dave Speller

Marc Woolward

Chris Hobson

Marc Woolward


Thanks Marc and Carol!

Boas ondas,
luis pedro abreu

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