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Dessie McGlinchey conta com mais um apoio - parabéns Dessie!

Dessie McGlinchey, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, conta com mais um apoio. Para além da GATH, a Lendal patrocina igualmente o atleta da selecção norte-irlandesa de kayaksurf. Nada de mais. Dessie tem desenvolvido um excelente trabalho em prol da modalidade e, para além dos habituais vídeos que produz, continua com as suas actividades de formação no clube da CANISURF. Isto, claro, sem contar com o seu currículo desportivo de luxo ;) Parabéns Dessie!

Dessie McGlinchey, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, has one more support. Besides GATH, Lendal paddles will also sponsors him. That's simply the recognition of the great work that Dessie has done for northern ireland surflkayaking for several years. Besides being an awesome surfer, Dessie also contributes in training for NI surfkayak. Congratulations Dessie and continues the good work.


Lendal is proud and delighted to renew Sponsorship with Dessie McGlinchey, Level 5 surf coach from Northern Ireland. We hope to work closely with Dessie to test and develop our blades and paddles to the optimum performance standard.

Dessie paddles both classes in comps and has achieved best results in the International Class but also enjoys paddling the short finned boat. Dessie is gained status as a Level 5 Surf Coach in 2003 and has been involved in coaching the Northern Ireland Surf Squad since 2002.

The squad has achieved some great results in the individual events at the highest levels. Team paddlers have achieved World, European, British and Irish titles in both Senior and Junior level since 2004.

“Welcome on board the Team Dessie”.

Congratulations Dessie!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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