Kayakurf Italy / 1st Asbaganazu Surfkayak Contest

1ª Prova de Kayaksurf na Sardenha, Itália / Report de Luca Basciu

photo by giorgio 2007

Decorreu no passado dia 13 deste mês na belíssima praia de Poetto, Sardenha, a primeira prova de kayaksurf na ilha italiana. O kayaksurf.net apoiou o evento e agora, Luca Basciu e Donatella Rossi enviam-nos os resultados e algumas fotos. O kayaksurf e waveski italianos vieram, decididamente, para ficar ;)

Took place on March 13th the very first kayaksurf contest in the beautiful Poetto Beach, Sardinia, Italy. kayaksurf.net supported this event and Luca Basciu sent us the report - results and some photos. Amazing evolution, that's what we can conclude about the kayaksurf and waveski scene in Italy. Congratulations!


Surfkayak… on Poetto beach

At the stupend Poetto beach, Cagliari Sardinia, on Sunday 13th March 1° Asbaganazu Surf Kayak Contest took place, open categories, organized by Surf Kayak Sardinia. The reason of the event was to promote this sport. Not even the clouds couldn’t stop organizers and competitors! On the contrary!

Fantastic waves, marvellous location, the will of being together and desire to enjoy themselves were the ingredients of the competition. Below you will find the final results of winners and competitors… each of the participant were equally enthusiastic about the success of this beautiful day and the enjoyment about this exciting sport and the sea.

Donatella Rossi


Grazzie Luca e Donatella ;)

Boas ondas,
luis pedro abreu

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