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Chris Harvey testa a nova Go-Pro no seu ONA

Chris Harvey, Watertech Team e elemento da nossa NEWS TEAM, anda a testar a nova go-pro no seu ONA. Já estamos à espera dos filmes mas, por enquanto, fica uma das imagens ;)

Chris Harvey, Watertech Team and also from our NEWS Team, is testing his new go-pro camera. We're already waiting for the new vids but, meanwhile, a great shot and his quick report:
"Summer's here and after a 6 month lull we've had some good swells in the last few weeks. With the summer holiday fast approaching and the GoPro camera in hand i'm hunting for a classic 'green room' shot. There's nothing like tucking in and feeling the lip throw out above your head as you charge the barrel and hopefully find the exit! I'm a long way from that perfect shot but despite a slight onshore wind, the small swell was dredging quite nicely on a local sandbar. (Couple of shots below to get you inspired)."



Thanks Chris!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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