WWST 2011 / Ocean Spirit Festival 2011 / 6th Report by Steve Farthing

Steve Farthing já em Portugal / 6º Report sobre o Mundial de Waveski Ocean Spirirt 2011

Navio Beach, Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit Festival by purofeeling.com

Novo report! Steve Farthing anda por Santa Cruz e dá-nos todas as novidades. Tyler Lausten já surfa por lá bem como alguns franceses. Fica o report ;)

One more report directly from Santa Cruz by Steve Farthing! Tyler Lausten is already in there (surfing!) and also some french riders. Read the report ;)


Ocean Spirit on my mind
by Steve Farthing
Report 6

Well more people are turning up left, right and centre. The champ is here, seen testing out the break early this morning. Tyler’s here, he must be serious as he has 4 boards with him and Bruno Melo’s son was out ripping on his Watertech.

We’ve already seen some of the young French talent so far and look out for this guy, Pablo from Lacanau, he will probably break out of the pack and make a name for himself…he rips.

The English kayakers have arrived and have had their first taste of the waves.

I learnt today that Praia do Navio is named after a shipwreck at the beach. At low tide, you will see part of the boat protruding out of the gutter (someone thought it was a dolphin that doesn’t move ha ha) and you will see parts of it down the beach towards Santa Cruz creating some nice sucky sections.

The countdown is on, lets get this party started. Until the next report, Ocean Spirit on my mind.



Thanks Steve!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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