WWST 2011 / Ocean Spirit Festival 2011 / Caroline Angibaud

A outra grande ausência no Mundial

Depois de falarmos sobre Mathieu Babarit, é incontornável não falarmos sobre Caroline Angibaud. Juntos, gerem a Octopus School e Caroline - já entrevistada por nós várias vezes - foi SÓ oito vezes campeão mundial de waveski. Tal como Matt, não vai poder estar no Mundial. As coisas vão ficar mais fáceis para a "women division"!

After we talk about Mathieu Babarit, it's unavoidable to speak about Caroline Angibaud. She was the first woman that we interviewed in kayaksurf.net (2004) and has an incredible curriculum: she was 8 times world champ, the record in the waveski world!!! The women division will miss her for sure. We're talking about the best performer from ever in this division. Easier life for the those who are competing around and, like Steve Farthing already says in one of his reports, there can be some surprises due her absence!


Caroline Angibaud


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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