WCSK11 / Kayaksurf Worlds 2011 by Steve Farthing / Report #6

Mundial de Kayaksurf EUA 2011 / Report 6 de Steve Farthing

Tamsin (England) & Kate (USA) / photos by Chris Bensch

Grande dia de surf com um swell à maneira que, de acordo com o report de Steve, veio animar as hostes na paria de Nags Head. Mais um report de Steve Farthing, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, sobre o segundo dia de prova.

Great well with high quality surf in the waves ;) According to Steve, we had yesterday excellent conditions with great heats - like in Women with Tamsin and Kate. Check out his sixth report!


World Championships of Surf Kayaking 2011

Report 6 by Steve Farthing

The day of days. Let me tell you, it was as as good as surf kayaking gets. Four feet and pumping all day, airs, barrels and everything in between.

The hot action started with the women's heats, Kate and Tamsin went for broke making big moves and both getting washed through the pier. In the men's, Dave Speller and Chris Hobson got massive air time but the rest of the crew weren't far behind. The masters short boat heats also went in with some close results registered.

The junior short boats also went for broke with Jake King and Andy McClelland looking like the goods. Corin King's got todays video coming, just watch it.

More of the same tomorrow, time for another Chardy,

Steve reporting from Nags Head

Thanks Steve!



Boas ondas,

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