Kayaksurf Symposium / Denmark 2011

Simpósio de Kayaksurf na Dinamarca com a presença de Simon Hammond

O kayaksurf desponta na Dinamarca com várias iniciativas levadas a cabo pelo DKF (Dinamarca Kayak Surf). Casper Gyndelberg, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, envia-nos o report de mais um fim de semana onde as pagaias e os kayaks foram notícia. Tal como habitualmente, o DKF convida sempre um nome sonante da cena mundial para dar formação. Depois de Pete Belnkinsop, o convite caiu este ano no escocês Simon Hammond - autor do "Surf Kayak - Essential Guide". O evebto reuniu mais de 50 atletas oriundos da Dinamarca e Suécia. Fica o report!

Last weekend in September opened the Kayaksurf Denmark up for this year's big Surf Symposium in Cold Hawaii. 50 surfkayakers from Denmark and Sweden were troops up with the x world champion Simon Hammond from United Kingdom. Casper Gyldenberg, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, sent us the full report with plenty of photos - links below. Enjoy it!!


Simon Hammond

Surf Symposium 2011 Denmark
by Casper Gyldenberg

The weekend kicked off Friday evening when people began to check into. In the evening, Simon Hammond held a lecture about the way to become world champion. There sat many, listening and dreaming at the top of the podium at the world championships in kayak surfing. Saturday morning went so loose in the waves in Klitmøller Cold Hawaii where the day was on workshops, and plenty of comfort among the participants.

Hen of the day watching the rescue helicopter dropped by to take aerial images of surfers in the water. Really cool to get some surf pictures from a different angle. Sunday was on the DKF Surf Raid, another kayak surf competition on Danish soil. It was the unofficial Danish championship so surfers from Sweden may well participate. The day went really well and there were many exciting race in today's competition and you could see that the surfers were much better than the competition last year.

First place went to Petter Like Berg, Sweden, second place went to Lars Larsson and third place went to Dane David Tetzschner.

This competition has given the Danes something to train for, it can not be true that the Swedes will come and take almost all podium places in Denmark championships.

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