WCSK11 / Kayaksurf Worlds 2011 by Steve Farthing & Corin King

5º Report de Steve Farthing com vídeo de Corin King

Mais um report directo da costa Este dos EUA onde decorre o Mundial de Kayaksurf 2011. Steve Farthing e Coring King reportam este segundo dia de prova!

One more report from USA Kayaksurf Worlds 2011! Steve Farthing and Corin King, live and direct from North Carolina ;)


World Championships of Surf Kayaking 2011

Report 5 by Steve Farthing

Guess what the mozzies are still here, I'm sure they're resistant, now it's war, bring out the super spray.

Got down to the comp site early today and no waves, so it was time to be a tourist. Checked out the Wright brothers memorial and all as I can say is inspirational! Orville and Wilbur Wright must have been the smartest bike mechanics in the world.

Back to the comp site, and the team event was back on at 2 pm. I managed a few waves before the start in a big crowd and not everyone was sharing but it was fun. Watched a few heats of the team event, James Hawker from the UK was my pick of the standouts.

The swells increasing and the open men's will more than likely be on tomorrow, time to get serious.

Until tomorrow, reporting now from "kill devil hills" find out where on google,


Thanks guys!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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