BUDE SURFKAYAK CONTEST / Report by John Watson

KAYAKSURF EM BUDE, Cornwall, Inglaterra / REPORT de John Watson com fotos de Pete Copp

Decorreu em Bude, Black Rock (SW da Inglaterra), mais uma prova inserida no intenso circuito inglês de kayaksurf. John Watson - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - envia-nos o report competo com todos os resultados e fotos de Pete Copp.

It took place this last weekend in Bude (Black Rock - England SW), one more surfkayak contest inserted in the England Surf Kayak events. John Watson - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - sent us all the report with photos of Pete Copp. Great event ;)

Bude surf kayak contest
by John Watson

Small surf and sunshine lasted throughout Saturday. 45 kayak surfers all took part in 3 rounds of 10 heats, before semi-finals and a final for the top ranking positions in the short boat open class. Congratulations to Steve Chivers, who took his first win in the main event. This now means the last 8 men's high performance contests (throughout 2009 and two so far this year) have been won by different people!

Sunday then became available for the Junior and Masters classes, as well as the Men's long boat. Conditions were larger, but affected by an on-shore wind. There was a good entry in the Junior and Masters, and these classes were as competitive as the Men's long boat always is. New arrivals were very welcome and we look forward to seeing people again at future events. Everyone surfed at least two heats in each class. In a day of very competitve heats, the Masters final stood out as a great display of surfing and workrate from all four finalists - any of whom could have taken the win.

Many thanks to Reed Chillcheater for prizes for all competitors on the Sunday. http://www.chillcheater.com/

Thanks to organisers for the two days - Simon Hammond (Shoreline), Steve Davenport, Louise, Michelle, Andy Hambley and friends from Bude Canoe Club. And special thanks to all participants for helping the event run smoothly by being on time and ready for heats and for judging.



Men, Short boat
1 Steve Chivers
2 Philip Watson
3 Chris Hobson
4 Marc Holland

Men, Long boat
1 Chris Hobson
2 Glyn Brackenbury
3 Sam Davenport
4 Andy Hambley

Masters, short boat
1 Andy McCullough
2 John Trelease
3 Steve Chivers
4 Andy Wildman

Masters, long boat
1 Gary Adcock
2 Andy McCullough
3 Andrew Hawker
4 Cedric Wynter
5 Richard Uren

Junior, short boat
1 Aidan Brackenbury
2 Jack Barker
3 Dylan Petherick
4 Emma Wynter

Junior, long boat
1 John Barker
2 Harry Uren
3 Aidan Brackenbury
4 Dylan Petherick

Thanks John and Pete ;)



Boas ondas!

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