Hawaiian Outrigger with Steve Bowens & friends

CANOAS Havaianas com Steve Bowens e amigos em Cornwall, SW da Inglaterra

Steve Bowens - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - ainda há dias nos enviou o report da prova que organizou em Cornwall, SW da Inglaterra. Nessa altura, já nos tinha dito que andava a fazer umas ondas com canoas havaianas (Outrigger). Pedimos-lhe umas fotos e elas aqui estão! Surfkayak, waveski, SOT, bodyboard, prancha, outrigger... o que é que interessa? Surfar ;)

Steve Bowens - News Team kayaksurf.net - has been surfing (also) with these great Hawaiian Outrigger. His last report was about his event (St.Ives comp) and now, he sents us these photos of great afternoon in the water. Who would say that these calm waters were in Cornwall?
St'Ives Outrigger and Paddle Sports Club
Have a look at our first outrigger session at Carbis last month
by Steve Bowens
If it wasn't for the wetsuits it could have been anywhere in the world!

A Hawaiian Outrigger is one of the most amazing paddle craft you'll see on the water. If you have been fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii or have seen one of these craft in action you would have been awestruck by how amazing they look on the water.

There are very few of these craft in the country and we have two (soon to be three)! We are able to take up to three groups out cracking waves or touring our stunning coastline.

Designed for open water conditions these things really move. With sealed bulkheads fore and aft, combined with a large float (ama) for stability makes these Hawaiian craft hugely versatile.

No paddling experience necessary - all you need is a sense of fun!

I have been taking groups of people out paddling or surfing in St'Ives Bay who have never been in a kayak or canoe before let alone a Hawaiian Outrigger! We can even mix the crews up - complete newbie's can sit along seasoned paddlers and the craft still runs well.

The canoes are owned by Glenn Eldridge from Ocean sports:
ONE MORE OUTRIGGER experience ;)

Thanks Steve! It looks GREAT!

Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu

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