BYRON BAY / Kayaksurf Australia by Tracy Gibson

KAYAKSURF Australia / Ross Boardman & Tracy Gibson

Ross Boardman - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - John e Tracy Gibson, foram dar um passeio pela costa norte de New South Wales na longínqua Austrália e agora enviam-nos as fotos. Tracy esteve em Portugal no Mundial de 2009 mas teve o azar de uma lesão do ombro a afastar logo no primeiro dia em que surfou... estava a treinar. Agora, que tudo já passou, aí está ela em grande forma ;)

These photos were taken in and around Byron Bay on a recent surf safari to the Far North Coast of NSW of John, Tracy and Ross Boardman - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net. It is a 13 hour drive from where Ross and Tracy lives in Jervis Bay (we can be in another country if we drive that far across Europe)... but is well worth it. According to Tracy, "The swell really pushed in and cleaned up when I got to Crescent Head (another well recommended surfing destination) a few hours south of Byron Bay on the way home". Thanks a lot all the best for the Great Island!

John Gibson

Ross Boardman / Broken Head

Ross Boardman / Broken Head

Tracy Gibson / Crescent Head

Tracy Gibson in Broken Haed

Tracy in Crescent Head

Crescent Crescent Head

Byron Bay Sunset

Thanks Tracy ;)

Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu

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