WAVESKI 2011 World Titles TOP 32

WAVESKI / Top 32 para o Mundial de Waveski a realizar em Portugal

Rees Duncan / #1

De acordo com a Associação Mundial de Waveski - onde Portugal assume uma das vice-presidências - estes são os 32 melhores atletas mundiais da modalidade elencados para os World Titles 2011. Fica a lista enviada Por Jackie Dillon, presidente da Associação. Em breve, mais novidades sobre o Mundial de Waveski 2011.

The following is the top 32 ranked surfers (Open) going into the 2011 World Titles to be held in Portugal in August 2011 (event details to come soon). All this infos can be checked on WWSA (link below). Soon all we'll publish more infor about the Waveski Worlds Ocean Spirit Festival 2011.

2011 World Titles Top 32

Please note places from 9-16 are equal, placings 17-24 are equal and places 25-32 are equal. These names will be randomly placed in a hat and drawn out to surf in their respective heats i.e places 9-16 in one hat, places 17-24 in another hat and places 25-32 in another hat.

The stand by list for the top 32 are places 33-40 and 41-48. Given that places 33-48 are filling in the potential vacant spots in the top 32, their national results will assist in their placings as there is every chance that someone will miss out on a top 32 guernsey from this list and will have to surf in the qualifiers.

Top 32 for the Open – 2011

Seed Name Country

1 Rees Duncan Snr/ Australia
2 Mathieu Babarit /France
3 Malan Calitz / South Africa
4 Tony Cherry / New Zealand
5 Lance Milnes / Australia
6 Renan Leloutre / France
7 Nigel Bryant / New Zealand
8 Virgile Humbert / France


Khane Duncan / Australia
Guillame Justine / France
Lionel Angibaud / France
Tyler Lausten / USA
Clement Gilbert / France
Luke Herman / Australia
Caroline Angibaud / France
Mark Spencer / Australia


David Dinning / Australia
Stephen Farthing / Australia
Blair Moore / Australia
Darren Kearns / Australia
Ben John / Australia
Ruan Brand / South Africa
Brian Howard / New Zealand
Dale Randahl / Australia


Brett Cronin / New Zealand
Pierre Slabber / South Africa
Travis Best / Australia
Michael Pfeffer/ Australia
Malcolm Settree / Australia
Bill Campbell / Australia
Lisa Ryan / Australia
Michael Feenan / Australia

LAST YEAR EVENT by Steve and Ming Farthing:

Boas ondas!
luis pedro abreu

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