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Quando falamos em vídeos de waveski, o seu nome é incontornável. Já viaja há mais de 15 anos em busca das melhores ondas por esse mundo fora. Procura-as não só para surfar mas, principalmente, para filmá-las. Xaver Valser, o homem forte da subgraviti.com, já conhece o nosso país há muitos anos e ainda há bem pouco tempo andou por cá para mais uma sessão de filmagens - objectivo: Projecto P10. Mais um grande filme de waveski. Nomes bem conhecidos da cena mundial da modalidade passearam a sua classe pelas nossas ondas graças ao trabalho deste homem e aos excelentes anfitriões que por cá tiveram - Watertech Team.

Pois bem, para já, só anunciamos que o kayaksurf.net está associado ao projecto e, em breve, teremos mais novidades. Muito bom. O kayaksurf.net também está associado ao excelente filme de kayaksurf "Interference", às produções Breizhriders TV e agora, com o Mundial de Waveski 2011 à porta - Ocean Spirit Festival - mais uma colaboração exclusiva. Obrigado Xaver!

Well, his name is unavoidable when we talk about waveski videos. Xaver Valser, subgraviti.com creator, has eight incredible videos since he started his adventures running the world and shooting the best waves he saw and surfed. All started 15 years ago and now, Xaver - born in Sout Africa but living in Switzerland - still maintains his passion. He was in Portugal a few weeks ago filming with some of the best world waveski riders for a new project (one more) called P10.

kayaksurf.net already collaborated with Joey Hall and Spencer Cooke in the great kayaksurf video "Interference", with Matt and Fred Jonneaux from Breizhriders TV and now, we have the enourmous pleasure and honor, of also supporting this great P10 Project. It will be an awesome waveski video with incredible waves and riders. We already published some of those photos that Pete Cop - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - gently sent us and soon, more news about Xaver ;)

"Seventeen days in Portugal. I took a group of young waveski surfers to Portugal to shoot a commercial for the 2011 World Championship. This was just one side of the mission. Together with the 2011 Worlds and the Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit Festival I will also have the world premier for my new waveski film. For me it’s going to be the biggest premier up to date and it was important that I filmed some spectacular action to go with it. And that’s precisely what happened.

Out of the 17 days of filming we had just 2 days that we could not film because of rain and strong wind. The rest of the time we were blessed with excellent surfing conditions all day long. I gathered a total of just over 300 GB of rushes. The material came from 5 different cameras: the surfing telescopic camera, lifestyle camera and 3 water cameras. All performed excellent, without any problem in a very hostile environment. The best filming experience I had on the trip was sitting on the back of a jetski while speeding next to the white water as the riders surf the wave in full glory, at times less than a meter away from me. It was my first time that I have experienced this angle seeing the riders so close and being right next to the action. I captured some incredible images in absolute perfect wave conditions. It is guaranteed to put the movie in a league of its own.

To see some ‘behind the scenes’ footage of our mission, check out http://www.subgraviti.com/ "
Xaver Valser

Xaver Valser


Thanks Xaver ;)

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