Celtic Games 2011 / Who's going?

Jogos Náuticos Intercélticos e do Espaço Atlântico / Quem Vai?

Criado em 1996, o Comité Internacional dos Jogos Náuticos Intercélticos é uma associação que reúne representantes das diferentes regiões integrantes. O seu objectivo é de desenvolver os desportos náuticos no Espaço Atlântico; desenvolver intercâmbios desportivos, culturais e económicos entre os países, desenvolver amizades entre os povos dos países e das regiões do Espaço Atlântico através do desporto, da cultura, da economia ou de qualquer outra actividade.

Cada ano, durante uma assembleia geral, os membros do Comité Internacional dos Jogos Náuticos Intercélticos escolhem o país ou a região que acolherá os Jogos Náuticos; elaboram os regulamentos e as regras da competição, decidem as acções para promover os Jogos Náuticos Intercélticos e do Espaço Atlântico e este ano decorrem em Devon (Inglaterra) de 23 a 28 Julho 2011. Fica o convite que John Watson, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, nos endereça. John está na organização do evento que conta, claro com kayaksurf ;)

Created in 1996, the International Committee of the Interceltic Watergames is an association which gathers representatives of the different member regions. Its aim is to develop marine leisure activities in the Atlantic Area; develop sportive, cultural and economical exchanges between the peoples from the countries and regions member of the International Committee, and develops friendship between the peoples from the regions and countries of the Atlantic Area, through sports, culture, economy or any other activity.

Every year, during a general meeting, the members of the International Committee of the Interceltic Watergames choose the country or region which will welcome the event, settle the rules of the competition and decide the action for the promotion of the Interceltic and Atlantic Watergames. The venue for the 2011 Atlantic Watersports Games will take place in North Devon, from July 23rd to 28th, 2011. Jphn Watson, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, invites us to join the event ;)


We have a possible new International event in North Devon, England, 25/26/27 July. These Games run every year somewhere along the Atlantic coast Europe.
http://www.jniea.org/EN/ for details, and you can see "Previous Editions".

We hope to have Kayak Surf, but they are apprehensive we may not attract enough regions / competitors, and would like us to demonstrate the interest. From this year, the Games are only for youth - U18 or U21. We would be allowed 4 medal categories.

KAYAKSURF, Short boat Male U18. born after 19922
KAYAKSURF, Short boat Male U21. born 90/91/923
KAYAKSURF, Short boat Female U21.born after 19892
KAYAKSURF, Long boat Open U21. born after 19893

2010 Video

Officially, the Regions are shown on the list and map attached. However, at a recent meeting, it seems it may be possible to invite other regions to the Games. It also seems to be ok to compete for a region in which you are living, even if you come from elsewhere. Note we also have an England ranking event on the following weekend 30 July, in the same North Devon area, to which people are welcome.

PLEASE REPLY to john@skernlodge.co.uk - a good level of interest will ensure the event can run.

Reply as an individual, region or national team - every response is helpful.

What region (within or outside the official list):
Will you enter / How likely are you to have competitors at the event: certain / likely / possibly / unlikely / not.
Please estimate numbers of competiors in each of the four classes:
If we could get a 5th medal event, how many competitors would you have for U18 Long boat?

Any other info:

Please reply and express your interest - it may make a difference to whether the event can run.
thank you.

Thanks and best wishes,

Thanks John!


Boas ondas,
luis pedro abreu

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