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Taça da Bretanha / Prova de Waveski e Kayaksurf no dia 23 de Outubro

Mais uma! É a potência mundial do waveski a organizar e promover eventos que apostam, essencialmente, na iniciação dos atletas mais jovens. Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, enviou-nos o convite. Este evento vai contemplar, pela primeira vez em França, a união entre kayaksurf e waveski. Onde é que nós já vimos isto? A confirmação chega-nos da nação por excelência do waveski. Muito bom. Tal como Fred escreve mais em baixo... - "sharing our common passion : paddling and surfing waves ! "

One more! It's the usual french activitie regarding the waveski scene. Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, sent us the invitiation for next October 23rd. Let's go! This event will also have for the very firts time in France, the participation of some surfkayakers ;) That's great News! Like in Portugal, Ireland, Brazil, USA, Galiza, Italy and now... also in France. Like Fred writes below - "sharing our common passion : paddling and surfing waves ! ". Let's wait for the report!!


Brittany Regional Waveski AND Surfkayak Competition on October 23rd

Since a few years, in Brittany, we manage to run a regional waveski circuit, that has 3 or 4 legs, and a regional championship. This is the way we found to interest young and beginners in waveski to come to competitions that are not too far away from the place they live, and it’s also the way to make a regional ranking. Then, riders who get good ranking are supposed to come to the waveski national circuit. We generally have between 20 and 35 entries on each regional leg.

To encourage new riders and also ladies to come to the activity, we give free entries to ladies, and also to people who are not yet ranked in waveski. Some of them don’t have any board, so we also lend them free of charge the boards that our Departemental Kayak Comitee lends us for waveski development, which is really a very good help. By this way, last year we got a few new riders coming to the activity. After a few competitions on the regional circuit, some of them buy a second hand board and then keep on surfing.

Competition organizations are very light : everyone has to give a hand on the organization : riders who compete also come to judgement (new ones are teached about it) each club comes with some material (beach flags, judgement files, beach marshall boards,…) and this is really good for the spirit we like to feel on the competitions : hard battle on waves, and friendship on the beach !

And also, for the first time in France, a few surfkayakers will join us on the competition. This is a real good new, because it makes a bigger event, and it’s a very good way to meet new people sharing our common passion : paddling and surfing waves ! Of course we said they are welcome ! Some of our young riders will have the opportunity to try a surfkayak, some of surfkayakers will have their first rides on a waveski, this is a good experience for everyone.

Other European countries, as Portugal, Spain, Ireland,… do so, so we can enjoy that France, which has very few surfkayakers, go on the same way, it can be a real promotion for both activities.

So we just pray for good conditions for October 23rd at Baie des Trépassés (Plouhinec Club organization), the most western spot of France.

This regional meeting is the last one before our National Waveski Championship which takes place in Sables d’Olonne (in the middle of french atlantic coast) from October 29th to November 1st. So Oct 23rd will probably be a « training competition » before the main national event… this means big level for sure !


Mérci Fred!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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