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Home Internationals / Portrush, Irlanda do Norte / Report de 28.10.10 / Inglaterra vence Troféu

Photos by Gerry Mc Gahey / nisurfkayak.com

Directo de Portrush, mais um report sobre os Home Internationals onde se "confrontam" quatro equipas britânicas: Irlanda do Norte, Inglaterra, Escócia e Irlanda. De ontem para hoje, as posições cimeiras mantiveram-se mas a Escócia perdeu pontos e desceu para a última posição. Resultados final: Inglaterra ganha de novo o troféu. Vamos esperar agora pelo British Open!

One more report from Gerry Mc Gahey, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, directly from Portrush, Northern Ireland. It's all about the Home Internationals where we have four teams in competition: England, Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Today, England maintained the first position and won again the trophy - congratulations!! Now, let's wait for the British Open! Check below Gerry's report.


2010 Home Internationals
by Gerry Mc Gahey

After stopping the competition early yesterday due to the dying swell, the competition restarted again at 0800 hrs this morning. With the waves better today the plan was to run all the remaining heats of Round 1 and then start Round 2.

When the final heat in Round 1 was over, the scores were :

1st - England - 25 points
2nd - Northern Ireland - 28 points
3rd - Ireland - 53 points
4th - Scotland - 55 points

With the competition between Northern Ireland and England still open at the beginning of Round 2 the lead changed many times with both countries notching up 1st or 2nd places. Before the Mens HP & Mens IC heats, the lead had changed places with Northern Ireland leading England with 28 points against 26 points.
All the mens heats were close battles and it was left to the final heats to determine this years winners.

At the end of the final heat, the scores were:

1st - England - 53 points
2nd - Northern Ireland - 54 points
3rd - Republic of Ireland - 107 points
4th - Scotland - 108 points

Congratulations to England on retaining the Home Internationals trophy for another year.

Many thanks to all the team managers, competitors and supporters who travelled to the event. Hopefully we'll have the same luck with conditions for the British Open.


Thanks Gerry ;)

Boas ondas!
luis pedro abreu

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