Santa Cruz Paddle Festival / March 18th-20th 2011

Santa Cruz Paddle Fest / 18 a 20 de Março na California

É o mais antigo festival de kayaksurf do mundo. Comemora este ano o 25º aniversário e Dennis Judson - já entrevistado pelo kayaksurf.net - continua aos comandos do evento que se realiza em Santa Cruz, Califórnia. Fica o texto e o convite para mais uma edição que adopta este ano uma nova designação: Santa Cruz Paddle Fest. O vídeo serve para recordar a grande edição de 2007 ;)

It's THE most ancient kayaksurf festival worldwide. This edition makes the beautiful age of 25 years and Dennis Judson - already interviewed by kayaksurf.net - is the front man of the event. Here stays one more invitation for a trip till Santa Cruz, California and the annoucement of the new name: Santa Cruz Paddle Fest. This video, is just remember the great edition of 2007.


Santa Cruz Paddle Fest / California
by Dennis Judson

This will be the 1/4 Century event of Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival, scheduled for March 18th-20th 2011. It is so auspicious that we have decided to change the name to the Santa Cruz PaddleFest to better embrace the other paddle powered sports that have joined us in surfing the energy of Santa Cruz . In keeping with tradition, the PaddleFest will hold the largest paddle powered surf contest in the world, held at the internationally acclaimed break of Steamer Lane. Last year the finals were electric with smooth and glassy 15 footers with every world champion athlete in all our major categories competing against a local favorite-local knowledge won 2 out of 3. , the penultimate partier from Costa Rica , is challenging us to have an appropriate bash for this signature 25th Anniversary.

To crown this event we will include a Stand-up Paddle Race put on by SurfTech, plus we will have parties every night culminating in a Saturday night extravaganza at our towns Ballroom, the Boardwalk Coconut Grove, orchestrated by Canoe & Kayak/SUP magazines. We have taken on Toca's challenge and are planning on the event of the century.

This event is called a festival because its charter is to expose the sports of paddle surfing to the world. Steamer Lane/Lighthouse Point is a perfect venue for this objective because the high energy environmental spectator can view the international champions do their magic on giant waves virtually in front them. We invite manufacturers who are significant in paddle sports to display their creations in booths right at the point of action so that the spectator can envelop themselves in the sport-from action to product. The spectator if motivated can demo the vehicles through manufacturers set up on a calm beach within easy shuttle from the contest.



All the best Dennis!

Boas ondas,
luis pedro abreu

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