BRITTANY CHAMPIONSHIP WAVESKI 2011 / Report by Fred Jonneaux


Mais um report com a assinatura de Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net. A prova de waveski decorreu no passado domingo na Baía de Trépassés e aqui ficam todos os resultados e respectivos pódios. A prova contou para o campeonato regional da Bretanha em waveski.

It took place last weekend the regional waveski championship of Brittany, France. It run in Baie des Trépassés, because the spot of Erdeven wasn't accessful for the weekend. Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, reports for us the all the results and main news. Enjoy it!


PH Blanquet
Video by BreizhridersTV

by Fred jonneaux

It took place in marvellous spot of Baie des Trépassés, which is the most west spot of France.

24 riders coming from several waveski and kayak clubs in Brittany. Competition begins with the Open. Very small waves, low tide… difficult conditions, only the fighters manage to be qualified. In young category (14-15 years old), Nathan Le Bars (Plouhinec club) wins the final against Timothé Fountaine (Ria d’Etel club) at the 2nd place.

At midday, waves are growing and growing. Juniors make the show on good conditions. Mathieu Jonneaux wins the competition. In the same family, Emilie Jonneaux pushes her best surf during the Ladies final heat and wins the competition ! That means two regional champions in the same family !!!

Then Seniors fight in good and powerful conditions. Max Le Tallec (Ria d’Etel club), who was disqualified in the first Open heat, makes a real show and wins the Senior final. Veterans show their best surf, and Hugues Termeau and Pierre-Yves Moan (both waveski instructors) manage to reach the Open final,… against Nathan Le Bars (Cadet) and Benjamin Baniel (Senior). Pierre-Yves Moan gets some powerful waves and realized several radical maneuvers. He wins the Open competition ! Experience, experience…

Good atmosphere, good level, magic spot…. Everything was at its best for this competition. That’s what we like !


-Ondines (ladies) :
1ère Emilie Jonneaux (Plouhinec)

2è Céline Lucas (Plouhinec)
3è Océane Le Gendre (Plouhinec)

-Cadets (14-15 years old) :
1er Nathan Le Bars (Plouhinec)

2è Timothé Fountaine (Ria d'Etel)
3è Joëvin Le Calve (Ria d'Etel)
4è Jean-François Martin
5è Nicolas Pressig (Plouhinec)

-Juniors (16-17 years old) :
1er Mathieu Jonneaux (Plouhinec)

2è Tristan Thiery (Crozon-morgat)
3è Antoine Henri
4è Nicolas Belleguic (Plouhinec)

-Seniors (18-34 years old) :
1er Maxime Le Tallec (Ria d'Etel)

2è Kévin Le Bars (Plouhinec)
3è Benjamin Baniel (Plouhinec)
4è Gaëtan Brehonnet (Plouhinec)

-Vétérans (>34 years old) :
1er Pierre-Yves Moan (Crozon-Morgat)

2è Hugues Termeau (Plouhinec)
3è Corentin Menou (Vannes)
4è Philippe Blanquet (Ria d'Etel)

-Open :
1er Pierre-Yves Moan (Cozon-Morgat)

2è Nathan Le Bars (Plouhinec)
3è Hugues Termeau (Plouhinec)
4è Benjamin Baniel (Plouhinec)

Mérci Fred!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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