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A Taça do Mundo que se está a realizar na Ilha D'Oleron em França, serviu também para reunir os atletas britânicos que açi disputaram a final do seu circuito nacionals. John Watson fez o favor de nos enviar estas fotos e todos os resultados.


Good waves and sunshine for the Home Internationals

Monday and Tuesday brought sun and waves at Vert Bois, Ile D’Oleron, and allowed most of the Home Internationals heats to be completed with good conditions. Jersey and England were delighted to welcome a Guernsey Team – particularly since they invited everyone round for a barbecue mid-week! A Rest-of-the-World team gave surfers from US East, Brazil and France the opportunity to surf competitive heats before the World Cup.

Adam Harvey

This was a first competition for Team Guernsey and they played a significant role in results. Lorraine and Ruth were learning well in the ladies, Adam Harvey and David Dupont had respectable results in Juniors, and joined Richard Agnelli, Gary Allen and big-brother Harvey in the men’s event. The experience will help in future events. It may be no surprise that Guernsey’s single win came from Chris Harvey – but who expected it would be in the long boat class?


Team Jersey were well-organised as always, particularly with balloons and decorations on Richard Jones’ long boat for his birthday. Honours were shared in the Ladies, between Ailsa McDougall (Jersey) and Tamsin Green and Robyn Pearcey (England). Similarly, a long-running rivalry in the Masters of the long boat, left Tim Rowe (Jersey) and Gary Adcock (England) taking one victory each over the two rounds.


It was England who started strongly, with close and well-deserved wins in the first five heats. Then results were more of a mix between the four teams. Jack Horwell took his last Junior win, before he was given a good send-off before travelling to New Zealand for eight months. Philip Watson remained undefeated across three different classes – mens’ short, mens’ long and junior long, over the two rounds. Many England surfers mixed firsts and seconds across different classes.

Phillip Watson

High tide near the end of Round Two brought a shore dump to be avoided. You can never guarantee the swell though, and, although lovely small, clean surf at another beach brought playtime each day on the pushing tide, adequate waves never returned to the competition beach. People managed to pass the time though, with French food and wine, the Pirate Bar and some thoroughly enjoyable sessions in small surf around the island.

Thanks to Pete Blenkinsop and Stuart McGlinchey for organising.

England finished Champions, Jersey second and Guernsey third. The next Home Internationals will be in 2010 – can anyone suggest a venue?

Ailsa McDougal

Dave Speller (Jersey Captain) e Gary Adcock

Gary Adcock - England Captain

Thanks John!!

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