Estiveram em Portugal no Mundial de Kayaksurf e, para além da primeira participação de uma equipa oficial do Japão num evento como estes, os kayaksurfistas japoneses equipavam quase todos com uns interessantes Water Field Kayaks (WF). Shota Onishi, elemento da nossa NEWS TEAM, já nos tinha falado sobre eles. A curiosidade por mais uma marca no mercado, levou-nos a esta conversa com Yoshihiro Mizuno, designer e proprietário.

A WF começou pelos kayaks de mar por volta de 1987 e, em 1999, produzia o primeiro surfkayak. Errou de início no modelo (como modestamente assume) e, corrigidos os erros, aí está a geração Apollo. Já são comercializados em Taiwan e na Suécia e, em Portugal, sabemos que também ficou um por cá. Em baixo, a entrevista e a oportunidade de conhecermos mais uma marca, mais uma alternativa!

Time to meet another brand! This time the suggestion comes from Japan. In the last worlds, the Japanese team was almost all equipped with Waterfield Kayaks. Now, a small chat with Yoshihiro Mizuno directly from Japan. Great chance to meet another gear and, above all, seeing that surfkayaking designs are really involving all over the world. Enjoy it!

Takabi & kayaksurf.net

WF on the Worlds in Portugal 2009
Water Field (WF) exists since...
That’s actually a bit hard to say. In 1987, I designed a special folding kayak whose bottom half was made of FRP, while the deck was a fabric skin. But it didn’t sell. In 1992 I began making sea kayaks that finally became popular, and I’ve been enjoying some degree of success since then. I began making surf kayaks in 1999, but I didn’t go out surfing in them, which was a mistake. The design was completely wrong, I’m sorry to say. Finally I went surfing a bit after I made the Apollo 1 in 2001. Then I made 10 more Apollo 1’s which I gave away free for anyone to try. This way, besides receiving valuable feedback, I also made some surfing friends. So, 2001 was also a start of sorts.

Models in production:
As for surf kayaks, for the Apollo Mark 2, we’ve made a new mold, ‘tightening’ the lines of the deck. We seem to get a lot of orders for this model, and the Apollo QT Saturn, which you might have seen this time around in Portugal.

Main shaper(s):
The proprietor, Yoshihiro Mizuno.

The best-selling surf kayak from WFK:
Up till now it was the Apollo 7+5, but the Mark 2 and QT Saturn will overtake it very soon.

Any dealers outside of Japan?
WFK Taiwan and Orust Kajak in Sweden.

How do you see the evolution of surf kayaking in Japan?
It’s pretty hard to guess in general. Short-size kayaks are common in Japan and I think that they will become ubiquitous. Two niches seem to be developing here: the casual user and the competition-minded. I think that both of these will become more accessible in the near future, attracting a greater number of enthusiasts.

And about surf kayaks… where are we going in the future?
That’s a difficult question. Personally I am really enjoying my work, and I am pretty excited about what the future of surf kayaking may bring.

Have you even been to Portugal?
Personally no, but Mr. Matsumoto, one of our staff was a participant in this year’s competition.

Does WFK have a team?
Official team, no; there is an unofficial team but I’m afraid they are not that good ;)

How long have you been doing surf kayaking?
Since 2001.

Your favourite brands on the market, besides yours of course:
I like Mega kayaks.

Thanks Yoshihiro and all the best for Water Field!

Boas ondas!
luis pedro abreu

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