A página da "First Third" disponibiliza dois vídeos com dois craques do kayaksurf - Chris Harvey e Darren Bason. Basta clicar na imagem de baixo.

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Bill Mattos - already in english on PLAYAK

The english version of tge GREAT interview with BILL MATTOS is already online on playak.

Great pics from Bill adventure in Tahiti like this one:


:: Bill Mattos has been kayaking since he was eight years old. He has paddled all over the planet in pursuit of an ambition to kayak on every continent and in every ocean. He has competed in a wide variety of disciplines, including freestyle kayaking to World Championship level as a member of the 1995 and 1997 British Freestyle Team. He has won National and Eurocup events including several times the prestigious Bitches Rodeo in Wales, and has successfully surfed the fearsome Teahupo'o wave in French Polynesia, which had never before been ridden by kayakers. Bill has worked as a professional kayaker, designer, writer, model, photographer and videographer as well as being involved in the business and marketing side of the kayaking industry. He owns a successful company which manufactures kayaking equipment and clothing, and writes regular technique and feature articles for several leading kayaking magazines. He is not married, has no children, and doesn't live in Surrey.

You just have to click here to read all the story


luis pedro abreu

Aí está mais um vídeo dos nossoa amigos argentinos. Habituados a grandes ondas na costa este da américa do sul, continuam a gerir - e muito bem - o excelente site http://www.kayakmdq.com.ar/

Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu