Dan Green / KAYAKSURF / Great waves in England ;)

Dan Green / Grandes ondas algures no nordeste da Inglaterra

Foi no mês passado algures no Nordeste da Inglaterra. Na água, Dan e Tamsin Green e umas ondaças num spot algo assustador do tipo "reef break". Em baixo o relato do próprio Dan quando nos enviou as fotos. Daqui a dias, publicamos a segunda parte com as fotos de Tamsin Green.

What a great session had Tamsin and Dan last month somehwere in the north east coast of England! Take a look to these photos with Dan and, in a few days, the second part with Tamsin. Read the report that Dan sent us and enjoy the photos ;)

by Dan Green

Still on a high from what was such an awesome session with just me Tamsin and 4 others out on a huge swell. The surf was at a secret spot on the North east coast of England which was sheltered from an unusually big northerly swell for the summer. The spot only usually works in deepest winter when the water temp is about 5 degrees so it was nice to get it when the water felt warm. It is a reef break wich turns into a point then ends on the which makes it quite strange. The take off is sketchy accross rocks which a few of the boardies hit on wipeouts so timing was critical and you had to get off before the end so as not to get wiped out in the shore dump. I didnt on a couple of times and was coughing up bits of grit from the beach on the paddle out more than once.

I love the way some of the pictures really capture the power of the ocean with big volumes of water everywhere.
aloha Dan

June Walker

Tamsin and Dan Green
Thanks Dan! Lots of fun!


Boas ondas!

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EASY / The new waveski from Watertech / Interview with Rui Calado

EASY / O Wave que vai fazer escola / Entrevista com Rui Calado

Pedro Castro com o Easy / Photo: kayaksurf.net

É mais uma novidade da Watertech. Depois da nova colecção de waveskis hi-performance que foi apresentada há escassos meses, eis que a marca nacional nos surpreende com um waveski directinho para a iniciação à modalidade e, já agora, com um preço quase irrecusável ;) Leiam a nova entrevista!
Entretanto o W-Man vai começar este sábado mais uma aventura - a travessia Portugal Kayak. Nada que um dos mais influentes canoístas do mundo não possa fazer!! Podem recordar o título AQUI. A acompanhar o Rui, vai Nuno Pereira que se define como "...uma pessoa exigente para comigo, em permanente aprendizagem no decorrer dos projectos, que penso levar a cabo como parte integrante dos meus ideais de vida".


Podem acompanhar as novidades da aventura aqui:

One more novelty coming from Watertech. After presenting us a few months ago the brand new collection of hi-performance waveskis, take a look to this new toy called EASY. It's not a custom waveski (it's molded) but fully adpated to everyone. EASY it's his name because, according to Rui Calado (partner of Watertech Kayaks), this new model is made for all that want to start surfing with a waveski by a nice price (650 euros fully equiped). Cool isn't it?



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Chris Hobsob / MEGA Flying Squad / Great Move!

Chris Hobson / Sequência de luxo por Caroline Janganant

É Chris a fazer das dele... uma manobra de luxo com final feliz e a máquina fotográfica de Caroline Janganant a registar o momento. Chris pertence à Mega Flying Squad e surfa com Neutron RV e Boost (nesta imagens surfa com o Boost). Vejam em baixo o SLIDE SHOW. Muito bom ;)

Great move of Chris Hobson - Mega Flying Squad - while surfing in Cornwall. The photo sequence was took by Caroline Janganant. Chris was surfing with his Mega Boost. Check out the SLIDE SHOW below. Very good ;)

Caroline Janganant

Chris Hobson


Thanks Carol!


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CHAMPIONAT de Bretagne / Waveski Surfing / Next weekend!

CHAMPIONAT de Bretagne / Waveski / É já este fim de semana!

Mais uma prova organizada pelo clube ACK de Plouhinec. É o waveski em grande forma na praia da baía de Trépassés e conta com o apoio do kayaksurf.net e Watertech. Todos os dados mais em baixo enviados por Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net.

One more waveski contest organized by ACK Club of Plouhinec. It's simply incredible how this region of France has so many activity in waveski! Congratulations for all and all the best for the event. This contest is also supported by kayaksurf.net and Watertech. Below, all the program!


CHAMPIONAT de Bretagne / Waveski Surfing / Juillet 4
Le 4 juillet 2010
Spot : Baie des Trépassés
Club organisateur : ACK Plouhinec

Rendez vous dimanche 4 juillet pour la confirmation des inscriptions dès 8h15

Dimanche 4 juillet :
8h15 : confirmation des inscriptions
9h : début des séries
17h : And the winners are .....

Inscriptions : 3€ en pré inscriptions 10€ sur place. Pré inscriptions à renvoyer avant le 28 juin à olivier.le.bars@cegetel.net

Confirmation de la compétition le vendredi 2 juillet

Baie des Trépassés / Photo by audierne.info

Thanks Fred and all the best for the event!


Boas ondas,

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St.Ives Bay 2010 / England kayaksurf / Report by Steve Bowens

Prova de St.Ives 2010 / Report de Steve Bowens e fotos de Pete Copp

Tal como referimos nas NEWS anteriores, aqui está o report enviado por Steve Bowens - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - organizador da prova que decorreu em St.Ives Bay (Cornwall, SW da Inglaterra). Nomes bem conhecidos figuram nos primeiros lugares mas Sam Davenport (Mega Flying Squad), destaca-se an vencer nas classes HP e IC. Full report em baixo!

Just like we said, we were waiting for Steve Bowens report - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - about St.Ives Bay Comp of last weeekend. Great event and huge photos of Pete Copp ;) Well known names reach the finals but Sam Davenport deserves a special attention... he simply won both classes; HP and IC. Congratulations for all and read the great report that Steve sent us.

Pete Copp

St Ives 2010 / England ranked surf kayak contest
Hot sun, hot surf and very hot action!!!
by Steve Bowens

Steve Bowens / Organizor of the event


1st Dylan Petherick
2nd Aiden Brackenbury
3rd Harry Uren
4th Tim Holland

1st Emma Wynter
2nd Robin Pearcy
3rd Jenny Long

1st Andrew Hawker
2nd John Watson
3rd Andy Wildman
4th Cedric Wynter

Sam Davenport by Pete Copp

International (long):
1st Sam Davenport
2nd James Hawker
3rd Chris Hobson
4th Philip Watson

High performance (Open)
1st Sam Davenport
2nd Chris Hobson
3rd Glynn Brackenbury
4th Philip Watson

This year’s St Ives Bay Open took place on the 26th & 27Th June hosted by Sunset surf cafe at Gwithian Beach. 0800 Saturday morning competitors arrived for registration eagerly anticipating the sun and surf, the sun had already put in an appearance and we had clean small surf to get the contest underway.

The open rounds went first with 5 man heats and a total of 7 heats for round 1. Some fine surfing was had and every heat was of a very high standards. Following this was the International (long) boat heat and with the quality of the swell decreasing these boats were the craft of choice. All the talk of the beach and on the water was of the 4* surf forecast and when it was going to arrive. I heard a comment from one competitor who was trying to decide if he should put his centre fin back in “just in case it picked up” during his heat!

The heats continued and the swell kept dropping so it was decided to have a 1.5 hr break to let the tide start to push in and hot the swell would improve. With the sun starting to ease off (only a little) and the surf still small but clean the junior final got underway and they all fought a ferocious battle, all vying for position and demonstrating what is in the pipeline for the sport in the next few years and I can tell you the sport of surfing kayaking is going to become even more spectacular with these guys who have no fear and the skill to put the boat anywhere on the wave!

Following the juniors the Masters took to the water to show us all what a bit of experience and do for your surfing and again a very high standard of surfing was demonstrated. Another closely fought battle in good waves and some dynamic surfing.
The prise giving for the Junior, ladies and Masters was held at the sunset surf cafe with interested onlookers who were having there dinner in the sun and then Doug (owner of the cafe) fired up the BBQ for a meal and relax into the evening. At about 8pm the swell arrived so most of the competitors who were staying at the local campsite were all out again, we all surfed into the setting sun in perfect 3-4ft glass perfection, cheering each other on, chatting and laughing with each other, what an end to the day!

Day 2
We awoke to perfect surf, a solid 4ft with fantastic shoulders providing lots of opportunity for the next generation of surfers to show us all what is possible in the latest boats. The day started with the ladies final which was closely contested all with very different approaches and styles from the brave and confident surfer to the smart and tactical to the approach of catch as many waves as possible and you are bound to have some good rides.

The rest of the morning was spent in the blistering sun and beautiful surf with heat after heat of fantastic performances. The prize giving was again held at the cafe and everyone said a fond farewell till the next comp at Llangenth on the 17th July.
On a final note, as someone who has not really been on the competition seen for the last 2 years and watching people in good conditions I can with confidence that the sport has moved on considerably in that time. Many of the competitors are consistently getting airs and really tearing the waves apart. There were several comments from board surfers who had never seen a “kayak do that before”!! The sport has an exciting future and within the UK I think the talent of tomorrow puts the UK into a very strong international position so watch out the “rest of the world, UK surfers are coming and they mean business!

Sam Davenport by Pete Copp

Steve Bowens is a lecture at Falmouth Marine School, a Further and Higher education college running courses which marry academic curriculum with outdoor instructor training. Steve would like to give special thanks to Doug and the crew at sunset surf cafe for their support of this (and every other event which has been run there) and also to the local surfers who supported and cheered us on during the weekend.

Thanks Steven and congratulations for the great event ;)

Boas ondas!

luis pedro abreu

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TOP KAYAKSURF / Sam Davenport by Pete Copp

Grande aéreo sacado este fim de semana em St.Ives Bay / Sam Davenport por Pete Copp

Enquanto aguardamos o full report de Steve Bowens - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - sobre a prova deste fim de semana em St. Ives Bay (Inglaterra), Pete Copp envia-nos esta magnífica sequência em que Sam Davenport - Mega Flying Squad - voa com o seu Mega Boost para as alturas e cai na perfeição não perdendo a onda. Muito bom...

While we're waiting for the full report of S.Ives Bay Comp - Steve Bowens, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - Pete Copp, another friend of our NEWS, sent us this great sequence where Sam Davenport - Mega Flying Squad - flies with his Mega Boost and lands perfectly. What a great surf!!! Below, all the sequence and wait for the report ;)

Sam Davenport

His surfkayak
Thanks Pete and Sam ;)

St. Ives Bay / Kayaksurf Comp
Boas ondas!
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Championnat du Finistère de Waveski Surfing by BreizhridersTV

Prova de waveski para crianças reúne mais de 60 participantes... luxo!!

Onde mais poderia ser? Na meca europeia do waveski: Plouhinec, comuna francesa na região administrativa da Bretanha (departamento de Finisterra) que tem desenvolvido um trabalho em prol da modalidade absolutamente ímpar. Fred Jonneaux - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net - envia-nos o report. No decorrer do filme, vemos outro amigo do kayaksurf.net - Hugues Termeau. O instrutor de waveski esteve connosco no início do ano em Peniche e a sua entrevista será publicada em breve. Participaram 6 clubes de canoagem e estão todos de parabéns. O evento contou com o apoio do kayaksurf.net e da Watertech. É assim que se consegue a nova geração ;)

What a great event run in Plouhinec (french bretagne)! 60 children coming from 6 canoe clubs to participate for their first time in a waveski comp. Great video by MamgozProductions and the report of Fred Jonneaux - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net. See how they teach us to catch the new generation of our sport ;) Congratulations for all!


Hi riders !
Have a look at the video report from MamgozProductions, on BreizhridersTV, about the children waveski competition we organized in Plouhinec on June 20th. About 60 riders, from 9 years old rode on the waves, coming from 6 kayak clubs not further than 1 hour from Plouhinec ; most of them surfing for the first time of their life on a waveski. And we organized it the way to make sure it would not be the last time !... ;) Everything is explained on the video about the rules, etc...

I think promoting waveski needs that kind of event : we only needed 15 boards and 3 guys for organization.
Have a nice video !

Fred Jonneaux

Thanks Fred and congratulations for all!


Boas ondas!

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CNKW 2010 / S.Julião contest / PHOTOS by Rui Calado

Circuito Nacional de Kayaksurf e Waveski / S.Julião - 1ª prova / Fotos de Rui Calado

Hugo Paz

São mais algumas fotos do passado sábado na praia de S.Julião. Foi lá que decorreu a 1ª prova do Circuito Nacional de Kayaksurf e Waveski que acompanhámos com vários reports diários. Tempo agora para começarmos a ver algumas fotos... eis algumas com especial destaque para as mangas de waveski. Slide-Show mais em baixo!

Some more photos from the first contest of our National Kayaksurf & Waveski Circuit. These were took last saturday in S.Julião beach (near by Ericeira) and show some imagens of the waveski class on the water. Enjoy it and don't miss the slide-show below ;)

Rui Calado

Francisco Figueira

Nuno Borges

Vitor Ferreira e Bruno Melo

Thanks Rui!

Boas ondas!
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